Port Chester Residents Reflect on 9/11 Tragedies (VIDEO)

Scouts, firefighters, government officials and the community came out for a moment of silence

Many people remember exactly where they were the moment they learned about the tragedies on September 11th. Some of us were at work, some of us were at home with the children and some of us were in school. Wherever you were, it is hard to forget.

Members of the and Port Chester Police Department were on hand with Mayor Dennis Pilla, Board of Trustees members, Port Chester’s Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts along with many residents  in Port Chester to remember the lives that were lost and forever changed on that tragic morning in .  

“It was a big big tragedy for this city and for the whole nation,” said Port Chester Boy Scout Leader Moe Acevedo. “As we try to teach [our children] how to be good citizens we also make sure they are aware of our history. They learn about these things and appreciate what happened and like scout motto says, to god and our country.”

Another thing that is hard to forget, especially for those of us living in the area, was how the city, state and country came together and started the healing process.

“We lost 343 or more firefighters and on that day and it’s a sad day to remember but it is important that we remember,” said Luis Marino, Port Chester Village Trustee and member of the Port Chester Fire Department. “The good thing is, in Port Chester, we still come together to make sure their sacrifice is never forgotten.”

Also on , family and friends of September 11 victims, servicemen and women, and local politicians paid respects to the lost during a at Kensico Dam for the 11th anniversary of the tragic attacks on the World Trade Center.

George Colaluca September 12, 2012 at 01:53 PM
While we were at this cerimony morning the victims and Heros of 9 11 . In Libea the American ambassador & 4 others were murdered and Ciro the Flag was burned all done by Islamic Fascist. It shows we can never forget and to keep our guard up.
Patriot September 12, 2012 at 09:06 PM
So true we face an Islamist enemy who don't value human life.


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