Should The Knicks Bring Back Jeremy Lin? [POLL]

The point guard signed an offer sheet with the Rockets and might return to Houston.

The Houston Rockets officially delivered an offer sheet signed by point guard Jeremy Lin to the New York Knicks late Saturday night. The offer sheet Lin signed is reportedly for a three-year deal worth $25 million, with Lin getting $5 million the first year, $5.2 million the second and $14.9 million the third year, according to The New York Times.

From the time the offer sheet was delivered to the Knicks, they have three days to match it, giving Lin the same figures and bringing him back to New York, or decline it, in which case Lin would return to the Rockets, where he played in two pre-season games last year before being released and singing with the Knicks.

Most expected the Knicks to match any offer for Lin, with Coach Mike Woodson even telling the Times the Knicks would match Houston’s offer. Original reports of the offer sheet had Lin signing a four-year deal and making the same figures the first two years and a little more than $9 million in the third and fourth years. But with the Rockets upping the last year of the deal to nearly $15 million for one year, it seems like the Knicks might have some reservations about brining Lin back.

Late Saturday night, the Knicks agreed to send Dan Gadzuric and Jared Jeffries to the Portland Trail Blazers in a sign-and-trade for point guard Raymond Felton, who was on the Knicks for part of the 2010 season before being included in the Carmelo Anthony trade. Also returning to the Knicks in the deal is Kurt Thomas, the 39-year-old power forward who played for the Knicks from 1998-2005.

Earlier in the off-season, the Knicks signed point guard Jason Kidd and could very well go into the season with Felton and Kidd at the point guard position. They could also bring him back and use Kidd at shooting guard until Iman Shumpert returns from injury sometime during the year. As of late Saturday night, there were no definite reports on whether the Knicks will match Lin’s offer sheet.

Would you like to see Lin back in a Knicks uniform this year, or does the large contract or lack of experience scare you off?

Aidan July 16, 2012 at 02:04 PM
Machado also led the NATION in assists in the last two years ... and he's as unselfish as the day is long. Ideal fit for the Knicks who have plenty of big scorers.
Aidan July 16, 2012 at 02:09 PM
AND ... he doesn't slurp and drive.
Alain DuMaurier July 16, 2012 at 06:34 PM
I personally have no concern for the Knicks and the luxury tax impact. MSG will just raise prices again and Cablevision will increase rates. Lin provides fans a nice clean cut Harvard educated poster boy to root for, He is a positive role model and his situation is similiar to Tim Tebow's. Not the greatest at his position (point-guard) and a small sample size of 26 games to assess but I am willing to take the chance on him. The Asian market is massive and the potential exceeds the projected tax hit in the final year of the contract. Basketball improves its appeal to all segments by expanding the diversity of the team.
troy faucette July 17, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Goodbye Jeremy!We don't need him.With the recent acquisitions Raymond Felton the assassin and Jason Kidd court savvy and Marcus Camby coming back to alter shots and lead to some highlight fast breaks!
Alain DuMaurier July 18, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Ok Lin is gone.. Knicks could have had him for the first 2 years without lux hit. New CBA allows for spread out of lux tax over 3 years so year 3 salary was 5 Million not 15. Let's see if Jason DWI Kidd and Fenton impact game. Just enjoyed the energy and excitement he brought to the game. Btw annoyed about complaints about him not playing in Miami games. You need not be a Harvard grad not to put your career on the line for a series you are going to lose no matter what. Would melo or amare put their careers and cash first for the TEAM?


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