Port Chester Teachers to Honor School Board Members

Reception set at JFK Elementary before school board session Wednesday.

Members of the Port Chester Teachers’ Association will be honoring the Board of Education members for their service to the Port Chester Community.

A reception is set for 6:30 p.m. in the lobby of JFK Elementary School, where the school board has a regular meeting set for 7 p.m. in the auditorium. The PCTA is slated to present the board with awards thanking them for their service to the community.

On the school board's agenda for Wednesday night:

- The JFK annual report

- A report on enrollment

- A school board discussion on succession planning

- Accepting donations to the school district

Bart Didden October 23, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Amazing and how shallow can they get. The long term members of the school board has never seen a budget they didn't love to support passage of and the teachers have been the prime beneficiaries. The last thing the school board needs is a thank you reception just 24 days after we paid our yet again increased school tax bills. I don't see any of the Port Chester municipal unions throwing any receptions for me or my fellow conservatives any time soon.
Ralph Spoilsport October 24, 2012 at 10:30 AM
The reception would need a crane to lower you to a reception to honor your majesty, Mr Bart. Always the cynic, you want PC citizens to believe the conservatives have done some good for the village and that they care about the people. You are a one tick pony. Taxes. Shut up Mr. Didden. You blog and offer blowhard platitudes. You are a greedy businessman and have used your position to advocate cuts in essential services. "Oh... I didn't hear about that hole in the road..." This recent school board has worked the hardest to keep to the unfair tax cap while maintaining and excellent school system. Our school district is lean and our teachers are hard working. As a tax paying citizen we deserve excellent services. Stop blaming the mayor for everything. Have you looked in the mirror lately? I dont think so, or you have updated that slim picture of yours. Gluttony is a sin Mr. Didden, join a gym.
Aidan October 24, 2012 at 11:26 AM
This is a nice gesture to honor folks who serve their community with small thanks. Nice to see two groups who are often at odds acknowledge each other at times. Yes, things are not perfect in our schools. And taxes are flirting with the obscene. Those things ... and many others ... need attention and genuine examination. But Ralph Spoilsport ... just hadda type that name once ... is right. The school board, though less aggressive than many would like, has made a hefty effort to make our tax dollars scream. However, they are also reluctant to grapple with the real issues that have burdened taxpayers and will, if left unattended, bring down the entire system. It is not sustainable in its present form. There's no more blood in the rock ... and both the unions and the school board are going to have to face the music. But this isn't the event to rattle the cage. Leave it alone ... for now. Let's give some credit to these hard-working folks. I sure as heck wouldn't take that job.
Bart Didden October 24, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Good Morning Yet Another Gutless Wonder (a.k.a. Ralph Spoilsport), why can't you people (Pilla fans) use your real names? No one cut your services and no one has been fired. But your rhetoric is expected. The conservative have cut nearly 3 million in budgetary spending in two years, if you don't want the savings, send the Village a donation of 10% of your Village tax bill. The nest time you use quotes, please try and quote what I wrote, I did not say what you allege, but again more Pilla rhetoric. I did not say that teachers are not hard working or that we deserve a sub standard school system, but those are the word you attribute to me, more Pilla two step rhetoric. You have so many sound bites in this post that you even sound like Dennis Pilla, Unemployed Consultant Extraordinaire armed with empty meaningless phrases, sayings and quotes from famous dead people. You must be Dennis! Good morning Mr. Mayor (a.k.a. gutless wonder).
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