[PHOTOS] Port Chester Middle School Colonial Day

Seventh graders learned about colonial life with various interactive workshops

Port Chester Middle School seventh graders made their own butter and candles in school on Monday, as well as participated in a number of other activities as part of Colonial Day. The school has organized Colonial Day for at least the last 10 years, according to Principal Patrick Swift. Colonial Day switches off each year with Civil War Day.

On Monday, it was Colonial Day, and the students spent their time in school in interactive classes helping them to learn more about topics covered in their history curriculum. The students made their own candles by dipping a wick into melted wax. In another station, they whipped up their own butter, which some students said tasted a bit more plain than the butter they’re used to eating. Other classroom activities included making a whirligig toy and using a quill pen and ink to write in script. Gym was replaced with colonial games, including one where students tried to roll a wooden circle down the hall by pushing it with a stick. Another class spent Colonial Day coloring in quilts and making silhouette's.

A blacksmith was scheduled to appear at Colonial Day, usually one of the more popular activities during the day, but had to cancel due to weather. Instead, those classes had a silent scavenger hunt where they searched for different colonial-era facts hidden in a classroom.


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