War Veteran Turned Anti-War Lobbyist Visits Iona College

The Iraq War veteran, now congressional lobbyist, spoke at Iona College on how his experience in war led him to become an advocate for peace.

Iraq War veteran turned anti-war activist, now congressional lobbyist and peace advocate, Matt Southworth visited Iona College recently to speak to students.

Southworth talked about his time serving as a U.S. soldier in Iraq and how that experience led him to a Quaker organization—Friends Committee on National Legislation—that lobbies on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Before the speaking engagement, Southworth gave an interview highlighting his efforts on the Hill, the cost of war on humanity and what he hopes to accomplish by speaking to young people.

"The single greatest message I can leave with Iona students is that their voices matter," said Southworth. 

For more information on Southworth and his work in Washington. D.C., visit www.FCNL.org. Matt can be reached via email, matt@fcnl.org, or Twitter, @MattLSouthworth and @FCNL.


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