Insurance Covers $114,000 for Fixes at Port Chester Schools Hit By Hurricane Sandy

Costs to the district come out to less than $7,000.

Insurance has covered more than $114,000 worth of repairs and related expenses for damage done to Port Chester schools from Hurricane Sandy.

The district’s total outlay from the 2012 mega-storm that left many in the Port Chester area without power for days has come out to $6,914.44, according to Maura J. McAward, assistant superintendent for business.

The district submitted a claim to the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal for $116,317.66.  The district received $114,401.22 in coverage, minus the $5,000 deductible. 

Fallen trees were a big problem for the school district after the storm. The biggest damage took place at John F. Kennedy School, where a tree slammed into a corner of the school and damaged the roof and side of the building. Two classrooms were affected by that damage.

Items covered under the insurance claim include heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, computer equipment, roof and masonry repairs, engineer monitoring and architect fees, food spoilage, tree service, employee overtime and prorated equipment use. 


Aidan February 01, 2013 at 06:07 PM
Very prudent of the PC school administration to have tended to business BEFORE such a catastrophe struck. Proper insurance is always necessary.


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