In Wake of Newtown, Blind Brook Hires Safety Auditor

The district is taking extra precautions following the Sandy Hook shooting and Mamaroneck Hommock School scare.

The Blind Brook school district has retained the services of the Altaris Consulting Group to conduct a safety audit, Superintedent William Stark announced at this week’s board meeting.

Altaris representatives have met with building principals, Dr. Ross, Police Chief Greg Austin and Lieutenant Eugene Mathews, school board members and Stark and four parent representatives who have volunteered to provide expert feedback on security and mental health issues in the Blind Brook district, Stark reports.

The superintendent also noted that the district continues to have a police presence on campus and the duration of that presence will remain under review pending the audit. A number of other steps have been taken to strengthen security, including heightened surveillance of buildings and grounds and changes in protocols for admission to school buildings during and after the regular school day.

Read Stark’s full message to the school community in the PDF attached to this article. 


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