Civil War Era Coming to Port Chester Middle-Schoolers

From the 2011 Civil War Day (contributed photo)
From the 2011 Civil War Day (contributed photo)

Tomorrow, scores of local eighth-graders will take part in a real-live learning center dedicated to cross-disciplinary studies of the Civil War.

On “Civil War Day,” Port Chester Middle School students play sports and games from the 1860s, interact with tradesmen, watch a camp get set up and do more to mark the era.

Officials from the district told Patch that the school does this every other year, alternating with “Colonial Day.” Many teachers will also dress in Civil War-era costume, officials say.

Here’s a breakdown of what kids will experience in different classes (from a press release):

Social Studies

In Social Studies classes, students will take part in several sports of the time period. These will include: Hopscotch, horseshoes and jacks. (Auxiliary Gym)


In Science classes, students will go outside to see blacksmith Bill Fitzgerald who will demonstrate the “tools” of his trade. (Weather permitting.)

English Language Arts

In ELA classes, re-enactors will be present to demonstrate how a Civil War camp was set up and how battles were fought.  This presentation will be complete with uniforms and artifacts. The re-enactors will then be available for a question and answer session with the students.


In Math classes, the students will be playing popular games the soldiers played during the Civil War, such as dominoes, dice and checkers.

Foreign Language/Reading

In Foreign Language classes, the students will be beading and are making yarn lanyard bookmarks.  This activity will help to celebrate the Civil War Era pastime of craft making.

JJ December 05, 2013 at 11:34 AM
That's a wonderful idea!! American History is a great subject that is seldom taught with any accuracy. We went through turbulent times to arrive where we are at and the American Civil War is a great starting point to understanding America. Great job!!!
Aidan December 05, 2013 at 06:50 PM
I wish I was 12 again
Craig Noor February 21, 2014 at 09:15 AM
All the kids have to do to get acquainted with the US Civil War is to read about the present-day actions of the governments of various southern states - they still have a foot in the 1860s with their discriminatory and often racist legislation, attitudes, and captured comments.


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