With Plenty of Salt and Fuel, Port Chester was Ready to Do Battle with Storm

Trustee: Dangerous hills, downtown get lots of attention.

As snow started to build up last night in Port Chester, officials said the village was loaded up with plenty of salt and fuel for its trucks to do battle with the big winter storm.

By sundown, Port Chester had been hit with about 6 inches of snow. However, no significant problems were reported on local roads and the storm had not brought power outages - such the widespread blackouts that came in 2012 with Hurricane Sandy.

"The DPW staff are hitting all the major roads great, paying a lot of attention to the dangerous hills with the plow and salt, the small plows are assigned to the secondary streets and are staying ahead of the snow," said village Board of Trustees member Bart Didden. "These guys know our village, they know their routes and all are experienced at pushing snow around. They will stay at it as long as its coming down, and when its done they will switch to clean up and removal. Downtown first so businesses can get back to normal, then the residential areas."

Port Chester Village Manager Christopher Steers said the village had been in steady contact with Consolidated Edison officials and the Westchester County government to share information and keep on top of regional developments in the snow storm.

The storm brought the closing of Port Chester schools on Friday and the cancellation of local events and recreation programs on Friday. Friday night, Bee-Line buses shut down at 9 p.m. and Metro-North Commuter Railroad service was halted at 10 p.m.

Port Chester closed village offices at 3 p.m. on Friday, and the Village Court closed at 2 p.m.

During the night, members of Reliance Engine & Hose Company No. 1 of the Port Chester Fire Department were standing by in case of emergency.


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