Village: PC Homeowner Applied for Permits After Violation

After getting ticketed for home repairs without permits this week, the owner of a Willett Avenue home is going the official route to obtain permits through village hall.

The owner of a Willett Avenue home went through proper channels this week to obtain work permits after police stopped illegal work at the site twice in three days.

German Granados, 47, for obstructing public roads and sidewalks while conducting repairs to a Port Chester home. A police report listed the home on Abendroth Avenue, but the actual address of the building is 18 Willett Ave., according to the Department of Code Enforcement.

Granados was initially warned on Oct. 7 when police Lt. Roy Monroe spotted the Armonk man working with construction equipment and obstructing parts of public roads with barriers and cones, according to Port Chester police.

Although he agreed to cease work at the site, he was ticketed when police caught him working on the same home on Monday. Granados told police he thought he wouldn't be caught because Monday was Columbus Day, a federal holiday.

The home is owned by Nancy Granados, who also owns several other pieces of property in the village under the name "Granados Realty." In an e-mail to Patch, Nancy Granados disputed the police report, but did not offer details.

After police issued a ticket for a violation of village ordinance, Granados worked quickly to apply for proper permits through the building department, according to Assistant Village Manager Christopher Steers.

"They did come in as instructed by the police and filed for the appropriate permits," Steers wrote in response to a Patch inquiry.

German Granados is due in Port Chester village court today to answer the violation charge.

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Edward Andrews October 14, 2011 at 10:08 AM
18 Willett Ave is the address for The Willett House, which is on the corner of Abendroth Ave. Where is the house at that address? Perhaps you have gotten this address wrong for the past couple of days and you mean the house is on the corner of Abendroth PLACE, and not 18?
Nik Bonopartis October 14, 2011 at 11:07 AM
That may be the case, but I have to attribute the information to the official sources, and unfortunately sometimes that means gleaning info from imperfect or incomplete reports. The PCPD had one address, and code/building had another. That's why I included that bit up top about the discrepancy in addresses. I'll follow up today and try to reconcile the addresses. Thanks for pointing that out and for taking the time to comment.
Interested Reader October 14, 2011 at 10:36 PM
Hey Nic, a quick search of the property reveals the address is 14-20 Willett Avenue even though it faces Abendroth Avenue. Clearly a commercial building. Property is owned by 18-20 Willett Avenue Corp. A search of that company shows two addresses, 36 Lafayette Drive in Port Chester and 14 Willett Avenue suite 301a. Looks like the person given the ticket must have been the one of the contracting companies. Granados General Contracting comes back to 109 Pearl Street Port Chester. From a street view photo of that property it looks like a contracting company running out of a house. Check it out. Even a google map shows the yard full of construction material and debris. Guess that why they figure they can do what they want.


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