Short-Handed Port Chester PD Gaining Strength

Chief: 2 new police officers in training, three officers back from sick leave.

After a period of operating at persistent short-handed staffing levels, the Port Chester Police Department is getting some relief.

Police Chief Joseph Krzeminski said two new police officers hired after approval from the village Board of Trustees in December 2012 have begun their basic police training. Once that's completed, the new officers will then move on to their field training.

Until those new officers hit the streets, Krzeminski said the staffing situation for the department has improved with the return to duty of three police officers who were on sick leave.

Another officer on sick leave for a heart-related issue is in the rehabilitation proces, Krzeminski said.

Krzeminski has noted the department, which at its height had 67 officers, had reached a low point of 57 officers.

Bart Didden January 23, 2013 at 07:43 PM
Chief Krzeminski working with conservative minded Board members found operational savings this year in the Department and rather than returning those savings to the taxpayers we saw the importance of increasing staffing levels. This will be only the first of these informed strategic moves that will happen over the coming years as long as the Board maintains a conservative focus. I look forward to seeing even more officers in our Village Police Department. ps - This same type of focus is what occurred and resulted in the fire department hiring earlier this year.
Robski48 January 23, 2013 at 09:08 PM
It is my understanding that you, Terenzi and Kenner all "missed" the meeting when they hired the new police officers. Some even canceling their appearance only hours before the meeting. Is that accurate?
Bart Didden January 23, 2013 at 11:07 PM
Accurate, I don't know as I was not there. The reason I was not there that this was just another last minute fire drill at the hand of our Mayor and his lack of planning. We met two or three day's earlier for our regularly scheduled meeting, that we were all at, so why couldn't it have been ready then? This was in December, which is a busy time of the year for me because of my job and I was not available on a 24 hour notice for a routine motion that should have been done three days earlier. Now the issue that you are UNINFORMED again about is that it was me and the conservatives that started the discussion about hiring one or two more officers for the next academy back at the second meeting in SEPTEMBER. The timeliness of September was worked out between the Police Chief, the Patrol Captain and myself weeks earlier. My starting the discussion is on the tape or the audio recording. Go listen for yourself and stop listening to the static of politics. ps - maybe you should consider using your real name and become a supporter of change and improvement rather than writing the occasional post of partial truths and misunderstandings


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