Ribbon Cutting Marks Opening of Restaurant Depot in Port Chester

Restaurant owners have already begun resupplying from the wholesaler on South Regent Street.

Port Chester's deputy mayor joined business leaders and local leaders this week for a ribbon-cutting marking the opening of Restaurant Depot in Port Chester.

The wholesaler occupies a 78,000-square foot warehouse at 305 S. Regent St. in Port Chester, bringing business back to a property that had long been vacant.

Deputy Mayor Joseph Kenner joined Restaurant Depot CEO Stanley Fleishman for a small ceremony on Wednesday morning, cutting a ribbon as a group of local representatives looked on.

In a statement, Kenner said he was proud of the fact that the project contributed to job growth and revitalization within the village.

“The Restaurant Depot furthers many important Village goals: revitalizing older industrial buildings, creating jobs for Port Chester residents, stabilizing taxes and strengthening our well deserved reputation as the restaurant capital of Westchester," Kenner said. "It is especially encouraging that thirty-nine of the fifty-five jobs created by the project were filled by Port Chester residents.”

Restaurant Depot is a wholesaler and deals directly with restaurant owners. In earlier meetings about the project, planners said local traffic impact would be minimal and restricted to commercial vehicles making deliveries and picking up supplies. The warehouse is not open to individual shoppers.

The opening of Restaurant Depot was also a win for the village's Industrial Development Agency:

"The project received important assistance from the Port Chester Industrial Development Agency in the form of sales and mortgage tax exemptions and an agreement to make a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT). Chairman Pagano noted that the PILOT was of significant benefit to the village: “we were able to freeze the assessed valuation of the building at $10,687,500 thereby locking in a payment that was equal to the taxes currently paid by the property and then develop a schedule of fixed increases over the ten year life of the agreement.” Since nearly 50% of the existing building was demolished as part of the project, the potential existed for the property taxes to be dramatically reduced. This was avoided through the PILOT agreement."

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Nik Bonopartis November 18, 2011 at 07:21 PM
Steve: I appreciate anyone who takes the time to involve themselves in the online community and discussions here, but I'm hoping we can stick to the issues instead of personal attacks. To Mr. Didden's credit, he's been one of the most active trustees in responding to reader questions and resident complaints posted here on Patch, and he's helped illuminate local issues by blogging and engaging with readers. I'm sure Bart would be willing to dialogue if you have a specific complaint, but let's keep it clean. Thanks.
Interested Reader November 18, 2011 at 09:22 PM
Wondering two things, what kind of shape is "Steve Dipalma in and why hasn't that comment been removed?
Nik Bonopartis November 18, 2011 at 10:15 PM
He's like Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1977. (Just kidding...I have no idea.) To answer your other question: Most of the time, I'm the moderator on PC Patch, but it's not unusual for regional editors and other local editors to moderate comments sections if they see an out-of-line comment first, or if a story has been published regionally. Personally, I've tried not to be heavy-handed when it comes to moderation, and for the most part I've only deleted comments that are obscenity-laced or defamatory. In this case, I left the original comment up as context for my follow-up. I don't want to go around deleting comments in every thread, and I think for the most part we're civil and respectful in Port Chester. Things occasionally get a bit heated, and the follow-up comment was just a reminder that we can accomplish more by being civil. Hope that helps.
Bart Didden November 19, 2011 at 03:40 PM
Nik, Steve DiPalma's comment did not bother me for a number of reasons, Steve and I were in the same class at Port Chester High School, we ran in different circles, he was on the football team I was not. Sort of jocks vs geeks. When I was running for public office and was sending out e-mails, Steve would respond by telling me that I was an F'n A hole, this is within his right as well. Freedom of speech and as a public figure I have to rise above it. What doesn't surprise me at all is that I see him from time to time at a Port Chester deli, and he does not have the nerve to approach me or to say a word. The one good thing about his post is that he used his own name, rather than qualifying for the Sam Terenzi designation of "gutless wonder" reserved for those who resort to personal attacks when they run out of facts.
D. MARTIN November 19, 2011 at 06:37 PM
Just to let everyone know,My nephew uses my computer and must have put some comments that are not my views. He comes over on occasion and plays practical jolkes. I am sorry if this has offended any one. I am not a lightweight myself. I will change my password so as not to let this happen again. I do not have issues with anyone.


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