Port Chester Creates New Agency to Aid Non-Profit Groups, Development

Local development corporation fills gap create when state authorization for existing agencies to assist non-profits expired.

Port Chester has created a new local agency to help non-profit groups and agencies obtain financing for development projects in the village.

The new local development corporation is designed to promote economic development and fills a void created when a state law allowing the Port Chester Industrial Development Agency to work with non-profits expired. Without that state authorization, agencies like the Port Chester IDA can no longer help non-profit organizations issue tax-fee bonds and take advantage of other financial incdentives.

Creation of the agency was approved 5-0 by the Port Chester Board of Trustees. While the local development corporation is in-name separate from the Port Chester IDA, Trustee Joe Kenner said the board of directors of the new agency will be the same as the IDA.

Kenner and Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla both serve on the board of the Port Chester IDA.

Trustee Bart Didden said he believes the new agency will be a good thing for the village and future development.

'A New Tool'

In introducing the measure to create the new local development corporation, Kenner said there will be two key benefits to Port Chester from the new agency.

“Whether you are Don Bosco, Clay Art Center or the Carver Center, we now have a tool to provide low interest financing for your capital projects that enhance the quality of life for our residents," Kenner said. "Moreover, as we look to development projects like a parking deck, the LDC can be a valuable financing mechanism that addresses a key village need.”  

Kenner is also vice chairman of the Port Chester IDA. That agency most recently helped a local business by assisting the in the this year that culminated in the re-opening of the landmark Port Chester music venue on Westchester Avenue on Tuesday — when American music icon headlined the first of more than 40 shows coming to the .

Mayor Pilla said the new local development corporation is another tool that will help the village promote economic development and create new jobs.

"Here is just another way for us to promote and enhance employment opportunities," Pilla said, noting the corporation's creation will "help foster an environment that says Port Chester is serious supporting projects we believe are beneficial to residents, businesses and non-profits within the village."

Port Chester IDA Chairman Neil Pagano said creation of the new local development corporation helps support the overall mission of the Port Chester Industrial Development Agency.

"The creation of the LDC will not detract from the efforts of the IDA, but will actually compliment how we are trying to promote economic growth in Port Chester by assisting both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, while at the same advancing other projects critical to revitalizing our downtown,” Pagano said.

JJ September 06, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Task Forces, Projects and Programs one right after the other; SAME names and same group of people with the same results. NOTHING GETS DONE BUT SOMEONE ELSE IN THE "GROUP" GETS ANOTHER PAYING JOB THE TAXPAYER'S IN PC CAN'T AFFORD. Isn't this what we ALREADY pay existing staff for??
Bart Didden September 06, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Sorry JJ, but there are no "paying" jobs in this entity for the Board members and this agency makes money through fees when they make loan deals which sustains the LDC. PC can't afford not to create the LDC. Now if you want to comment on the make believe "Task Force" or programs that were started prematurely such as the Sewer Rent Program, I would be interested in reading those comments.
JJ September 06, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Bart, Thanks for the correction and clarification. I'd actually be more interested in your comments as an elected official since you have much more input than the citizens. I mean that with all due respect too. BTW, how many former/ present BOT members or their immediate family members have "other jobs or "contracts" with the Village of Port Chester? Just asking.
Bart Didden September 06, 2012 at 08:57 PM
@JJ, my input is an extension of my constituents. I don't go to the meetings and make stuff up, I carry many messages and ideas from a wide variety of people here in Port Chester that stop me on the street, in a restaurant, that call on the phone or e-mail me. I will say this, I don't put equal weight on comments that I get here on patch from anonymous writers. Anyone is free to e-mail me at my Village e-mail address which is available on the Village website www.portchesterny.com To answer your "BTW" to the best of my ability, of the current board, I believe that there are two. First is Trustee Dan Brakewood who recuses for votes that affect the schools or the Council for the Arts as his wife teaches music through the Council and she is a member of the Board of Ed. Second is Deputy Mayor Luis Marino, his daughter part times in the Mayors office.
JJ September 07, 2012 at 11:44 AM
Bart , "Anonymous writers"? I understand what you're saying but in reality this Port Chester Patch has done more for the citizens of Port Chester than you really know. When you get stopped on the streets, restaurants etc. I'm sure you don't ask for a full identification ; do you? My point is that this "vehicle" of information is a useful one and I am grateful that you read it and answer questions. You're the ONLY one and I respect that. With regards to "jobs"; I thought we had a few more folks working in the housing area etc. ? Thanks for your response.
Bart Didden September 07, 2012 at 03:46 PM
@JJ, no I don't ask for identification, but people are willing to introduce themselves and even tell you what street they live on because that is usually where the problem is that they are complaining about. I assume your referring to the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority is not operated by the Village or does it share any employees with the Village and the Village does not use their employees.
JJ September 07, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Bart, You just answered the question regarding who works where and what their relationship was / is with the Village of PC. You have confirmed that jobs "do" find their way to specific people ; something most of us already knew. Thanks. Like I said, at least you answer the questions posed out there.


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