Normal Day Today for Port Chester Schools

After two days of 2-hour delayed starts, classes begin at regular times as Port Chester recovers from Hurricane Sandy.

Monday and Tuesday started with two-hour delays at Port Chester schools, but classes kick off at their normal times with the start of school today.

While some Port Chester residents remain without power as a result of Hurricane Sandy, school officials said the district is ready for the resumption of normal schedules.

The district was shut down for five days as a result of Hurricane Sandy and schools Superindent Edward Kliszus decided that because of conditions in Port Chester parents and students needed extra time to start the day on Monday and Tuesday.

The storm brought down trees on school properties and knocked out power. At John F. Kennedy School, a fallen tree damaged part of the building. Kliszus said the district is moving as quickly as possible to repair the damaged roof section.

Port Chester Village Manager Christopher Steers said that work continues in the village to restore power. He said around 700 Con Ed customers are still without electricity because of Hurricane Sandy.

"Con Ed is now working extremely well with us," Steers said. "Part of the problems that other communities have had is first assuming that the Con Ed representatives were knowledgeable about the communities they came to assist, and second not compiling their damage assessment data into usable format.  I assigned staff to our Con Ed laisons to help them identify issues and gather data for their reporting needs. I also provided them office space, internet access, and maps of the village. These simple logistical accommodations combined with close communication and coordinated support form our DPW crews helped tremendously in moving our recovery forward."

Steers said Con Edison has committed its team to maintain coverage within the village until Port Chester reaches 100 percent restoration.

"That decision came after staff helped to coordinate with Verizon repairing the downed poles that both Verizon and Con Ed shared responsibility for," Steers said. "We were able to get three new crews dedicated to repairing the downed poles as a result of this initiative. Crews are still working in the village at this time."


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