New Rochelle Bonds $1.58M for Equipment

Purchases include a new fire truck and security cameras for the downtown.

New Rochelle will be getting some improvements and new equipment this year.

The City Council approved bond resolutions totaling $1,585,000 to finance projects budgeted for 2013.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Public Works trucks and vehicles, $625,000
  • Storm drain and sanitary sewer improvements, $250,000
  • Fire engine, $585.000
  • Senior citizen passenger van, $53,000
  • Security cameras, $72,000

City Manager Charles Strome III said the security cameras will be installed in the downtown area and are part of a larger project in connection with the New Rochelle Downtown Business Improvement District.

All bond resolutions, with the exception of the one for the Public Works vehicles, were approved unanimously.

Councilmen Louis Trangucci, R-District 1, and Albert Tarantino, R-District 2, voted against spending $625,000 for the equipment.

Strome said there were numerous reports of equipment breaking during the recent minor snow fall.

"The more we put off purchasing (capital equipment)," he said, "the more difficult it will be to provide the services to the public."

Billy January 23, 2013 at 03:07 PM
Borrow, borrow & more borrowing. Is continually borrowing money really the right thing for New Rochelle? How do we afford to repay these loans? Why doesn't New Rochelle have money to pay cash for these items? As far as I can tell, the homeowner is the only 1 on the hook & they shouldn't expect the crushing annual tax increases to end anytime soon and yet with all the money they collect the city’s infrastructure continues to crumble. All you need to do is drive down any New Rochelle road to see how poorly they’re maintained. I can’t wait to read about our Albany delegation submitting the legislation to increase all sorts of taxes/fees for only New Rochelle residents, like a 2% tax on your ConEd, United Water and all home heating fuel bills. Who thinks it was a good idea to give Bramson a super-majority on city council now? But then again he gerrymandered the districts to ensure he’d get a super-majority & then ran largely unopposed. With New Rochelle skimming along the bottom & totally broke, I really can't imagine Bramson running the show at the county level, that my friends would be a total disaster for all.


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