Documents: Ignored Inspection Notices, Property Records on N. Main St. Building

Included in the documents: two inspection notices dating back to last summer that officials say went ignored by the home's owner, and real estate records on the $1.3 million building.

If the owner of a North Main Street building hadn't ignored inspection notices, could have been avoided.

That assessment was made on Thursday evening by Code Enforcement Director Christopher Steers, who said inspectors were still working on their reports, but had already found several electrical hazards and signs of possible overcrowding.

Thursday's fire was the in the span of a month involving serious , and the latest in more than a dozen over the past year. 

Click the multimedia box at the top right to view documents related to 44-48 N. Main St., and check back with Port Chester Patch for updates.

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Guy Gioffre July 09, 2011 at 08:57 AM
This has been a problem for years with the Village of Port Chester. The fire dept has been reporting violation to the Village and it went unnotice for years with the building dept. Also they must do somerhing about the homes being made from a two family into a four family. The fire inspection should be turned back over to the fire dept.
Interested Reader July 09, 2011 at 12:01 PM
The best move would be to put in place a cross section of all of our departments, FD, DPW, PD, Building & Code, and coordinate a portion of their activities and responsibilities so that the full force of their assets can quickly come together to solve a problem or condition. This should include information sharing as well as shifting assets as needed as problems and issues are identified. A swift and smooth response without overburdening any one Department. Liaisons from each of these Departments should be meeting regularly and coordinate, then critiquing responses to issues and refining the process each time. This can be done, let make it happen.
Keith Morlino July 09, 2011 at 12:14 PM
What we need is more home ownership ...condo co-op single family home etc. We need to discourage renting and encourage legal and ethical home ownership. I think this village has enough rentals.
Bart Didden July 09, 2011 at 02:07 PM
I think what you are saying is that we need a comstat approach to coordinate the efforts of the different departments. Regularly scheduled meetings to identify problems both internal and external and fix them. This will need the Manager to implement or the Mayor should take up the leadership role and make it happen. The problem is that the Manager does not get direction from the Mayor and the Trustees get chastised by the Mayor when they try to assist the Manager. Someone needs to set the tone and communicate it to management. If the Mayor does not make it perfectly clear that the BOT and his office is ready to take the heat from the attorneys and the people to support doing the right thing, why would our employees stick their necks out only to fail. I know that Sam Terenzi, Joe Kenner and I are ready to that the heat. Lets get the job done.
Interested Reader July 09, 2011 at 04:57 PM
Bart, as a Board you need to set the policy, then let the Village manager form of government work. Correct we can't expect the manager to take immediate if he runs the risk of a harsh public debate at his expense. Debate each other set a clear policy and give him the responsibility to act. Then, yes a comp stat approach is similar to what I'm saying but that is specific to Police management i think. We need a flexible work force ready to cross Department lines when necessary to GET THE JOB DONE. Again, at the risk of boring everyone, get your best and brightest to the forefront of this approach, give them the policy and let them earn the money. Given the opportunity they will get it done, just look at DPW after a complete routing of the cancer.
Saverio Terenzi July 09, 2011 at 05:41 PM
Interested reader sounds like someone I know. Bart I'll give three guesses.
Bart Didden July 09, 2011 at 06:38 PM
Interested Reader, your approach works in the perfect world of Scarsdale, but not here in Port Chester. Our problem requires all able hands on the deck and that includes the BOT members who are invited by the Manager and Staff to help save the ship. Your sit back, create policy and watch is not good enough with today's problems. Various members of the BOT have operational experience and should be available as needed to support the efforts of Staff to the goals the BOT sets. I repeatedly ask for our "full time Mayor" to lead and get engaged but it appears to fall on deaf ears. Leadership working with the Manager and Staff is the answer. Every time I speak with the Staff I volunteer to take the heat for the policies the BOT creates. They know that this Trustee is not going to hang them out for staying tough. The Mayor and the other BOT members should be saying the same thing, but at the last BOT meeting it was reported that the Mayor will have "off line" discussions with the attorneys. Completely unacceptable. I don't need guesses, there are plenty of people that don't want Port Chester to succeed. Just to wave the Village Manager Law in our faces and things to continue as they have, well sorry but its not happening as long as the Manager and Staff invite our help.
Interested Reader July 09, 2011 at 10:02 PM
I definitely don't have a problem with any Trustee jumping in and lending a hand, you would get no argument from me and quite enjoy seeing Board members take ownership of particular projects. This is what i would like to see from the Employees not to discourage BOT. The point I'm trying to hit home is this, getting all of the moving parts of this Village moving in the same direction. When I watch the Board Meetings it is apparent that the different Department's don't necessarily know what the other ones are doing or have done. As a small example the signs on at least two occasions that no one knows who was responsible, or the tickets on holidays and the like. Not that these are large examples but just a symptom of a larger divide and the lack of unity of command. I'm not in favor of any off line discussions for political posturing. I'm definitely not waiving the Village Manager law in your face, I'm talking about requiring the Employees to earn a days pay, then I would support the large salaries. We won't always have Board Members willing to pend a lot of their personal time so I welcome any that will. Mr. Terenzi, you could have a thousand guesses who I am, but it doesn't matter. Just a person who would like to see the Village succeed. I wish you all luck.
Saverio Terenzi July 09, 2011 at 10:19 PM
Interested Reader, I didn't mean that remark in a negative fashion. Your views reflect a BOT member who has strong opinions on how the organization should function. Like I said at the last meeting, I don't believe that anybody on this BOT has any bad motives. I think it's more about the style and differing points of view, which I believe to be healthy.
Interested Reader July 09, 2011 at 10:57 PM
Mr. Terenzi, agreed, I just want to make some noise in hopes of ensuring that we continue this momentum towards a functioning government. The Village hasn't been closer in decades.
George Datino July 11, 2011 at 10:39 AM
What is the Village Manager Law and how does it prevent the BOT from crafting and passing resolutions that direct the Village Manager and Staff to do the things it wants done?
Bart Didden July 11, 2011 at 01:56 PM
Good Morning George, The Village Manager Law does two things, first it creates the position of the Village Manager and second it draws a line between the BOT (including the Mayor) and the Village employees and operations. It is against the provision for BOT members to give operational direction directly to any department. Except for the Police and maybe Fire Departments all operational direction comes from the Manager. As for the Police and maybe Fire it is a shared informal relationship between the BOT/Manager working with the Chief. This law was the bullets for Trustee Brakewood when he accused me of violating this law when I had meetings with our parking ticket processor and implemented their advice (with the knowledge of the Manager) which found hundred's of thousands of dollars for our Village. We also have two additional programs coming down the pike that could result in an additional ONE MILLION in revenue to the Village. But Trustee Brakewood demanded an investigation, "I want some to look under the sheets" on this activity and determine if any laws were broken! There was no investigation, rightfully so. The affairs of the Village are at a crucial point with great implications for its (our) future. Mr. Russo, correctly has accepted the offer of help from those Trustees, such as Terenzi and myself to help right the ship and get us back on course.
Bart Didden July 11, 2011 at 02:18 PM
To his credit, Mr. Russo has come to understand the styles of the new BOT since our election just over a year ago. Normally the Manager only has to learn the personalities of maybe two new Trustees per year. Cumulative Voting changed that this time around with the addition of 4 new Trustees, and the new dynamic of the seven members. I believe that he now sees the new asset that is at his disposal and is willing to use it. This BOT is giving unprecedented support to Russo, as well as Steers and is willing to roll up its own sleeves to pitch in and help out where accepted by them. Along with this support, the majority also gave them new Judges, new and reformatted Prosecutors as the Manager searches for a new Court Clerk to streamline the Court's and insure the rights of not only the accused but the community for swift while fair administration of our Laws. There is so much more to do, including adding inspection staff and clerical support to Building & Code departments. I look forward to the future of our Village and continuing the conservative and business approach that has been the approach of the current BOT unlike in the past.


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