Document: Charges Against Westchester Ave. Building Owner

Owner Angel Nunez will answer to an initial 42 charges in court.

The owner of a Westchester Avenue building that already had his chance to rectify fire hazards, according to village hall.

In fact, authorities say he did fix the problems, which included overloaded extention chords and multi-plug adapters. But a report released Wednesday by the Department of Code Enforcement says that as soon as inspectors cleared the case and issued a new Certificate of Occupancy to the building and shop owners in 2010, those extension chords and adapters went right back in again.

It was an overloaded adapter that was identified as the source of Monday's fire, which shut down a section of Westchester Avenue and shuttered businesses in the building indefinitely.

Instead of playing another cat-and-mouse game, as authorities say they've been doing with landlords across the village, they're bringing Nunez to court.

Although Assistant Village Manager Christopher Steers says building and code staff have identified more than 100 violations altogether, the initial appearance ticket details 42 charges. At a rate of $1,000 per day, per charge, that means Nunez and his realty company are accruing fines at a rate of $42,000 a day.

Part of the reason inspectors are taking a hard stance: It turns out they were duped the first time around, when they inspected the building in 2010. Although they found a long list of violations the first time around, a complete walk-through after Monday's fire revealed spaces that were hidden or blocked off during last year's inspections. Those spaces contained "the majority of new violations," according to Steers.

Click on the multimedia box above to view a copy of the appearance ticket, with details of all 42 charges against Nunez.

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George Datino December 08, 2011 at 11:53 AM
It will be interesting to see the final outcome of this. It is great that these fines are being charged but I am wondering how it will ultimately be settled.
Aidan December 08, 2011 at 10:15 PM
Ka-ching! Ka-chinga! That'll be a language Nunez and others will understand.
Michelle December 14, 2011 at 04:32 PM
First of all, yes the building was inspected 11/2010 and every store was giving a list of things they needed to add and remove to bring their business up to code. If the village fire inspector sees that the shop owners are using extensions and outlet adapters and he says its because they were not provided with proper outlets by the building owner all he had to do was fire off a letter letting him know that he had to get them installed or update the electrical in the building. Its very easy to assign blame when they dont have the other side of the story and its great to collect money to make themselves richer but his job is to PREVENT the fire so he should have done his job. Of course they were going to continue using extensions...he should have addressed the real issue BEFORE the fire not after the fact!
vicky cotillo April 06, 2013 at 06:09 PM
what is the purpose of these fines.at the end...for the owner to pay ? for the owner to end up in jail?... for the owner to lose his proverty or for the owner to declare himself in backruptcy.. maybie you should fine the banks who really owns these properties did you think about that..like in my case I collect rent and I am not making any money I am loosing money because all the rent plus the money that I invest on these house is for the bank not for me....moreover it needs a complete investigation I think what would be the case if those outlets were there when he bought the building? is it his fault . who to blame for? he did not cause the fire...like the new major says ..building department codes enforcement should treat everycase differently because the honest landlords are paying the consequences of these bad landlords...I hope the major will do something about it..


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