Controversial Video: Internal Port Chester Police Review Clears Department

Chief: Cops in passing patrol cars could not see unconscious man on North Main Street sidewalk.

Police Chief Joseph M. Krzeminski told the Port Chester village Board of Trustees Monday night that an internal review of a controversial incident in which an unconscious man spent hours on a North Main Street sidewalk without getting help found no wrongdoing by police officers on duty that night.

Krzeminski said the investigation confirmed that Port Chester police cars went past the area several times. However, Krzeminski said a review of the incident found it was practically impossible for police officers to see the man because their view was blocked by parked cars.

The incident, caught on a , has sparked outrage in the community because of video showing the unconscious man was ignored by numerous people on the street and that he was repeatedly robbed as he was sprawled out on the sidewalk.

Police said no one called police to report the unconscious man. He was discovered on the morning of Sunday, May 20, when homeowners on North Main Street found him in their backyard  – trying to open a back door. On Monday, Port Chester police revealed that a New York City woman had been arrested in connection with the robberies, and that a second person had turned himself into police.

Krzeminski said his department launched two investigations after the incident: One to find those who robbed the unconscious man, and a second to review the circumstances of the incident and how they were handled by village police officers.

Board of Trustees members said Monday that they were satisfied by the internal review. 

Interested Reader June 05, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Good job PCPD. I am also wondering why the "Work Shop" with the Police Department on the issue was not televised or reported on. William maybe you can follow up for the readers.
Bart Didden June 05, 2012 at 12:57 PM
I believe it was not televised as a convenience for the Mayor who spearheaded the effort to "water down" the entertainment laws of Chapter 165 back in 2010, just months after they were passed into Law. I believe that Mayor Pilla knew that I was supporting the police department and its various members who want the strict provisions returned to the Law. As part of the Mayor's efforts to keep the Law loose and open for prostitutes to pose as "hostess's", I believe that the new management from the Capitol Theater was invited as a plant to threaten the Village with a lawsuit if we ban hostesses (prostitutes), and move to fingerprint all entertainment employees. Even democrat Dan Brakewood, who usually is on the same "wavelength" with the Mayor agreed with me and would like to see a return of the strict provisions that were characterized as "watered down" by Lt. Detective Monroe by the Mayor in 2010. It should have been on TV, the Board was in complete agreement that the Police did nothing wrong and continually meets the highest standards of conduct and professionalism as I wrote about last week.
John B June 05, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Kudos to the under staffed PCPD. I know that it isn,t easy. Please keep up the good work.
Anonimous June 06, 2012 at 05:20 AM
Please don't talk above politics talk above what happen in the streets in Port Chester the mayor really don't care we never see hem walking in the street . And the PCPD we all now is 1/2 of the force corrupted but no all are the same let figth . We need this ficha bars or $2 dancer from the bronx and all over NY out let them make that in there towns no PC.


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