Code Complaints: Open Flames, Illegal Apartments and More

A look at recent code complaints in Port Chester.

Here's a look at recent complaints filed with Port Chester's Department of Code Enforcement. Inspectors took complaints involving open flame frying, illegal basement and attic apartments, overcrowding and more. A full list of pending complaints can be found here.

  • At the Regent Gardens apartments, an open flame steel boiler was used by residents to fry food. A complaint was filed with code enforcement on Sept. 21. The case remains open.
  • Fire safety inspectors found illegal basement and attic apartments while inspecting a home at 138 Haseco Ave. A notice of violation was issued on Sept. 19, and the owner hadn't responded within 30 days. The case remains open.
  • A complaint alleges a two-family home on Highland Street houses as many as four families. The case remains open.
  • After receiving a notice of violation from code enforcement, the owner of an Exchange Place apartment took care of a bed bug infestation and conducted mandatory repairs to the apartment. The case was closed when inspectors confirmed the repairs were complete.
  • A second-floor apartment at 455 Willett Ave. is overcrowded, according to a complaint on Oct. 27. The case remains open.
  • Residents in a first-floor apartment at 429 Orchard St. are using their living room as an additional bedroom, according to a complaint lodged on Oct. 27. The case is pending.
  • An Armett St. resident is operating an auto repair shop out of his garage, according to an Oct. 27 report. The case remains open.
  • Tenants in a Westchester Avenue apartment filed a complaint about a lack of heat in the apartment. An inspector followed up and resolved the situation by calling the management company, advising them of their legal responsibility to provide heat. The case was closed after resolution.

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Linda Turturino November 20, 2011 at 01:13 AM
Thanks Silvio I have always been a straight shooter and tell it like it is. Port Chester is just a very sad sad situation.
Linda Turturino November 20, 2011 at 04:12 PM
here is what our friends in greenwich think of Port Chester: from Greenwich Time regarding expansion of car dealership : Craig Huber, who lives on Oak Street, said the expanded 30-bay, 18,000-square-foot service facility doesn't belong near a residential neighborhood like his. "Greenwich is a great residential community," he said. "This facility does not belong in Greenwich, in my opinion," he said. "Here's a suggestion: let Mercedes put this service facility in Stamford or why don't they put it in Port Chester, N.Y., where the BMW folks have a very successful service center." Read more: http://www.greenwichtime.com/news/article/Mercedes-dealer-expansion-plans-attacked-2278092.php#ixzz1eGLDubmG
Silvio V. Buccieri November 20, 2011 at 04:34 PM
Linda, you see what I mean, this is all around us, dump it in Port Chester. and watch the monthly meeting and you see why. and we still have overcrowding..pissed off tax payer!!
Interested Reader November 20, 2011 at 08:13 PM
I would think we should make contact with Mercedes in Greenwich and give them a tour of potential sites for their facility. Maybe even relocate the showroom, let's take advantage. The facility they are in in Greenwich is assessed at close to two million. It could be a win win for all.
Linda Turturino November 20, 2011 at 10:38 PM
interested reader maybe you are right bring another draw to PC and reap the benefits. but in my opinion this village is a mess garbage everywhere, grafitti, buildings that are an eyesore as well as private homes that have the appearance of a haunted house in a Speilberg movie - going back to code enforcement where are they? I know for a fact when you call the complaint hotline and leave a message nothing gets done, I say this with personal experience.


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