Too Tall: Truck Slams into Port Chester Bridge

Driver cited for violating height restriction on Highland Street.

Highland Street in Port Chester was blocked Wednesday morning as a truck slammed into a low bridge and got stuck.

Port Chester Police say no one was injured and no signifcant damage was done, but the driver was cited for violating posted height restrictions.

Police said the truck driver, a 60-year-old San Antonio, TX, Man, said he did not see the posted signs that limit traffic in the area to vehilces that are no higher than 11 feet. The truck was 13-feet, 6 inches tall.

The bridge on Highland Street is one of several low bridges throuhgout Port Chester, where the Metro-North Commuter Railroad's New Haven Line cuts through the village on elevated tracks.

A heavy-duty tow truck was called to help remove the stuck truck.

The driver was cited for the height restriction violation and released on $100 bail pending a March 15 hearing in Port Chester Village Court.


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