Scam Alert: Port Chester Man Gets Call About 'Family Members' at Airport

Police believe call may have been attempt by burglars to lure man out of his home.

The scams keep on coming.

Port Chester police say they continue to hear from local residents who have been targeted by con artists and thieves, either by telephone or through e-mail. The latest scam uses the telephone in what police believe is an attempt to lure a resident out of his home so it could be burglarized.

A 34-year-old Port Chester man told police on Monday that he received a call on his home phone and on his cell phone from someone claiming to be a family member who was coming into a New York airport from Mexico. And, that family member needed to be picked up.

Instead of rushing to the airport, the Port Chester resident called around to family members and found that no one from the family was coming in from Mexico. The resident told police the caller contacted him again, but this time the resident confronted the caller — who abruptly hung up.

Port Chester police believe the call that came from the number 331-111-3754 may be part of a common scam in which people are targeted and their homes are burglarized when they rush out to pick up "family members" who are supposedly stranded at the airport.

Police say that if you get a call from that number, be wary of the caller and don't reveal any private information.

This is just one of a series of scams that have targeted Port Chester residents, Westchester County residents and people across the United States. Recent scams have included versions of the and in which people — often senior citizens — are to bail out a relative who is supposedly in jail or to college a large lottery winning from a foreign country.

Port Chester police warn that if a , it probably isn't true. And, police say that if you are connected about a relative who is supposedly in trouble, police can help find out whether the claim is true or just a scam.


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