Rye Brook to Set Coyote Traps

A message from the Village of Rye Brook.

The Village of Rye Brook will resume its coyote trapping program beginning on December 17 and will continue this program for approximately seven (7) weeks.  The Village has again employed a licensed trapper for this service.  Traps will be placed on public property in Rich Manor Park, the detention basin area between Edgewood Drive and Bluebird Hollow, and the wooded area surrounding Rye Hills Park. 

The Village will continue to monitor all sightings and residents are encouraged to call the Rye Brook Police Department at (914) 937-1020 to report sightings.

JJ December 14, 2012 at 10:35 AM
You'd do MORE of a service taking those traps to Washington, DC and baiting them with hundred dollar bills. That's where you'll capture the "real" nuisance creatures NOT these poor coyotes.


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