Port Chester Police Interviewing Witnesses in Murder on S. Regent Street

No arrests made yet, circumstances of shooting still uncertain.

Port Chester police today are continuing to interview witnesses in the Saturday morning shooting death of a .

Police Chief Joseph M. Krzeminski said detectives have received conflicting information about the shooting of Wilfredo Rivera and they are digging deeper into the 12:15 a.m. incident that led to Rivera's death.

Rivera died at Greenwich Hospital after being shot once in the chest. Police said Rivera was taken to the hospital by friends after the shooting in front of 16 S. Regent St.

No one has been arrested yet in connection with the shooting. Krzeminski said a motive for the shooting has not been confirmed, but he said it was not a random act.

Friends said Rivera was staying at 16 S. Regent St., although Rivera's father said his son had an apartment somewhere in Stamford, CT. Rivera's father lives in Stamford and his mother lives in Texas, according to police.

No one else was injured in the shooting.

Krzeminski asks that anyone with information about the incident call Port Chester police detectives at 914-939-8419.

A. F. August 14, 2012 at 05:01 PM
@ Melissa He put himself in that situation. Things like that happen when drugs are involved. However I do feel sorry for the family and friends who are mourning his loss. It's really sad. I do hope, and have confidense that they will find his killer. That guy is a coward, and his time will come cause karma is a b*tch. Everyone should learn a lesson and stay away from all negativity, and drugs. It's nothing but trouble.
Port Chester Resident August 14, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Melissa is right. Let it be. He did not deserve what happened regardless of his personal life. He did not put himself in any situation. Its not his fault that crazy people carry guns with intentions to take lives. The person going around shooting people, mind you who is still on the streets, is the issue. Its arrogant of anyone to say this happened because he was allegedly a drug dealer. If you people think you are all-knowing about what happened and swear your remarks are so relevant, go tell your stories to the police and maybe they'll catch the desperate, ignorant, scum who kills people.
Anne Latella August 14, 2012 at 08:15 PM
Tony- I believe you need Sheriff Arpaio From Colorado to show the village how it is done. Invite him to speak there on this issue. However, The problem is in our Federal Government by Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama who are not abiding by our Constitution and even prosecuting Sheriff Arpaio for his superior efforts to see to it that all laws in the United States and every state are strictly obeyed. He is doing this single handedly. He is going head to head with Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano & President Obama. Sheriff Arpaio is amazing!
Anthony Drago August 14, 2012 at 08:20 PM
First off, my sympathy goes to the victim and his family. Reading about all of the crime going on in the village sickens me. It is ashamed what Port Chester has turned into. It reminds me of the "sinful" Bedford Falls that Jimmie Stewart returns to in the movie, "It's a Wonderful LIfe". Somewhere Port Chester went way wrong to let the village evolve to its present state.
Concerned Homeowner August 14, 2012 at 08:24 PM
The DARE program sure is doing great Mr Mayor!
Port Chester Resident August 14, 2012 at 09:13 PM
You're all sick. I am disgusted.
Anne Latella August 14, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Port Chester Resident-If you believe every one is sick except you. It is time for some kind of psychoanalysis. Either that or study up on Village, State & Federal Government. Also current events on the problems created by Drugs & Controlled substances on the health of people in the community and the entire country. Do not make this personal about your friend. Everyone sympathizes with his family for their very personal loss of a beloved son. As a mother who had to deal with these generational problems I realize it is a fault of the times and not one person or even one group of persons. The Criminal or criminals will be caught. However too late for Willfredo. I do believe justice will be served. But it cannot be enough comfort for his parents & friends who have to say a permanent farewell to him.
American Woman August 14, 2012 at 10:31 PM
What a sad situation. This person who was killed i know nothing about. What i do know is the he was 21 years old, went through the same school system as most of you and sadly did not get to live out the rest of his life. The person who killed him should be the one you are all concerned about. That person could be your next door neighbor, your friend or the person you walk by on the street everyday. Instead of assuming things that are not facts, you should all let him rest peacefully. Drugs are everywhere, in every small town and major city. You find one place in this country or even this world that you can feel 100% safe, drug and violence free. It's the world we live in. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for talking about someones child like you are. I'm sure your child or children are far from angels, as well as yourselves
TONY August 14, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Port chester resident i think your sick and need help !!! What if he sold drugs to your kid then what would you say? Melissa you couldn't be that close friends with him otherwise you would have known what he was doing!
Conservative NYer August 14, 2012 at 11:24 PM
The truth is not always nice. The reality is that PC has a lot of problems, more so than the other surrounding towns.
Port chester resident August 15, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Who cares if he was a drug dealer or wasnt no one diserves to die no matter what he wasnt hurting anyone by selling drugs so why does it matter NO ONE DISERVES TO DIE NO MATTER WHAT !! unless he killed someone WHICH HE DIDNT !! You people are stupid
Adrianna August 15, 2012 at 12:59 AM
First off he's my friend I grew up with him. I saw his struggle . Not that I need to explain that to anyone of the morons worried about him hustling on a corner rather then worrying about the moron running around killing people . Like I said before Valerie and who ever else is so concerned about it , I hope that when your family members passes away your not looking for a killer . Or your not trying to sleep at night not knowing who killed your loved one regardless OF WHAT THA PERSON DID DURING HIS LIFE NO ONE SHOULD BE KILLED . Or are your families so damn perfect? I highly doubt it . If you don't like PC because of the drugs and you see that no one is doing anything to change it then leave and stop beig so concerned about a 21 year old shot to death . Wherever you go , drugs will be dealt . Some people dont have the same opportunities as others . Think before you speak . Try puttig yourself in a situation . And little do you know , as to what happened that night .
Unknown August 15, 2012 at 01:22 AM
I am reporting each and everyone of your comments in hopes it will be kicked off. This page is used for his friends and family members to view and see updates on his case. I am disgusted that you people have the audacity to talk about someone you don't even know. That being said you all have no buisness on this page and should do something more useful with your time and opinion. Words are a weapon!!!!! You all are no better than the criminal who did this just sitting on your computer bashing a friend of mines name you may or may not know. Instead you should be taken action trying to make our streets safer instead of thinking your making a difference with a petty comment. PLEASE LET US MORN AND GET OFF THIS PAGE.
Km August 15, 2012 at 01:41 AM
Wilfredo was a great human being. Always smiling, great laugh and an amazing friend. It is utterly disgusting to see people disrespect someone who has passed away. Before you point fingers make sure your hands are clean. This was someone's beloved son, family member, or friend, and the last thing you should be worrying about was what he did in his personal life. The murderer is still free and is still a threat. Please do not slander Wilfredo's name.
TONY August 15, 2012 at 02:12 AM
Did anyone read what port chester resident said? He said who cares if he was dealing drugs he wasn't hurting anyone.....hmmmmm yeah i guess their are dumb people and morons on here!!! Im not getting out of this town this is my town you get out!!! People like you we dont need !!!
Anne Latella August 15, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Tony- It is your town.Hang in thereuntil all the undesirables leave. I love P C the way it was when thee generations of my family lived there.I live ther for 47 yearsr & went all through the public School systems as did all of my family &son.I had a relative on every block. We kneweveryone in town and everyone in every store and business who also lved there for generations. I also knew who lived in every house all over town. Things are very different now. The comraderie is gone.
Anne Latella August 15, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Adolfo Longo- Something or someone has to be dedicated to saving those who grew up int the 1960 & 1980's. We need to get the economy back on track so these generations can find good paying jobs and making good lives for themselves & their children. This is why I believe all of the industry which left Port Chester should be encouraged to move back to the village or industry of a similar sort. Jobs give individuals a sense of pride in their places of employment and the progress it helps in raising a family. Also they need to bring back a hospital as good as United was. This may have saved this young man's life. I do not think Greenwich can handle trauma cases and the extra distance is a danger to those in critical condition. If the town can find investors for restaurants and theatres, it certainily can find a hospital to locate there. United was there for over 100 years, I am accused of living in the past and perhaps I am. However, those were the factors that made it a wonderful village for all of its inhabitants and those of the surrounding towns, cities etc.Port Chester beeds a search committee to revitalize the town, There will be less substance abuse when people become affluent and happy with their homes and becoming an intregal part of the community. This dream can become a reality. It needs the sort of leadership to make it happen.
P.C.Resident August 15, 2012 at 04:03 AM
We all as a community need to start working together to raise our young to be men and women of good!! We need to emphasize on family values, leadership and fellowship... Open their eyes to the rewards of success through education!!... One thing I must say is that as a community we also need to start exposing the wrongdoers and transgressors to the local authority and if we do not see a change we can step it up to county and state!! We can not afford to be afraid to speak up and expose these bandits!! (Mike Tyson voice)
Anne Latella August 15, 2012 at 12:55 PM
P C Resident- These are wonderfuul ideas to save the youth & the community. I hope a committee is formed to concentrate on doing it. As Hillary Clinton once said,"It takes a village." Port Chester was always that kind of United Community & it can be again.
Peggy Havlin Gonzalez August 15, 2012 at 01:38 PM
At St.Peter'sEpiscapalChurch the pain and heartbreak was etched on everyones faces.The family of WillieRiveras lives is forever changed.It will never be life as they knew it.Especially his dear mother,the void she is feeling will never go away. I myself will continue to pray for her and her loved ones for strength,courage and dignity that can only be provided from Our Lord Jesus Christ, As for my dear friend Will you looked so beautiful like a sleeping Prince. I just hope and pray you are resting in Paradise with Jesus and all the Angels and Saints. You will be loved and missed forever. <3 Till we meet again <3 ily
Peggy Havlin Gonzalez August 15, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Thank you Km for backing up our friend Will who is now gone but will never ever be forgotten. He was oh so special and lovable and I will truly miss him immensely. The people making negative comments should really be ashamed. You never speak ill of the dead.I bet most of them don't even live in PC anymore. Shame on them. He was a humanbeing whose lfe was cut short too soon.
Port Chester Resident August 15, 2012 at 01:52 PM
How about you think about it like this: what if your kids sold drugs behind your back and got shot and killed? Would they deserve it and deserve no sympathy? Would you appreciate the many "TONY" commenting on your kids article like this saying he deserved it? Oh wait your kid would probably be perfect right? Honors and ivy league, right?.. The man taking lives deserves to die, not the man who is trying to make what he has work for him. Just let the family and friends mourn their loss in peace.
Port Chester Resident August 15, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Well actually there is a committee for that and one of their preferred quotes is "it takes a village" and they meet very often. If you're all so concerned about the safety of your good little village, where you think kids should be shot and killed of for dabbling in drug dealing, maybe you would pay attention to the committees that exist and the options you have to voice your beliefs to people who can change things. But of course not, you're to busy on the internet disrespecting a person who died, his family and his friends. You don't want change, you just want something to talk about. If you do, you'd be more productive and involved. Its selfish and sickening.
Greenwich resident August 15, 2012 at 08:29 PM
@Anne Latella: Greenwich Hospital is not a trauma 1 hospital but the surgeons and ER doctors are all trained and capable of treating and stabilizing a patient. But no... They do not do miracles yet... My heart goes out to the family. Rest in peace Wilfredo.
one who care for life August 15, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Anne Latella August 15, 2012 at 11:55 PM
Greenwich Resident- I totallty agree that Greenwich has a very capable staff. However gunshot wounds can be stabilized by EMS and should be treated at a trauma hospital. I am sure the Greenwich physicians did whatever they could for this young man, However, Port Chester needs a trauma hospital in closer proximity. As a matter of fact it needs to replace United Hospital. Greenwhich Hospital is being overly utilized.
Bryant Adams August 16, 2012 at 01:27 AM
The 'kids' loved him!
Craig Noor August 17, 2012 at 01:01 AM
I mean, I am sympathetic to the family because sometimes people who screw up like that early in life can turn around, but they are not doing society any favor either ... but then those of you who like to buy illegal drugs and think there is no fallout from it are deluding yourselves - until and unless our stupid drug laws are changed and/or unless you are just smoking hydroponic marijuana you grew yourself ...
JusticeforWilly September 27, 2012 at 02:31 AM
I want to thank those who have been there for my family in this rough and hurting path. We see comments that hurt as more than console us but everyone is entitled to their opinions. im proud of my brother, he was always smiling, laughing and helping those around him. Label him as you may like. a week before he passed away he spent 10 days with his 2 nephews and a niece whom he had met for the first time. He was a loving uncle,he will always hug and kiss them and say im your uncle Willy Wonka. Hes now resting in peace, he had made decisions for the future he was eager to change. He wanted to finish school, go to college and have a family. Its amazing how his nephews and niece helped him realize how life really was meant to be:however someone didnt allow him to accomplish his goals.I hope PCPD soon make justice for Willy. We will Never forget u; your Princess Naihrobhy, little men Xavi and Aaron love and miss you!


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