Port Chester Police Chief Resigns and Retires

After over 33 years Port Chester Police Chief Krzeminski is resigning.

Port Chester Police Chief Joseph Krzeminski Retires.
Port Chester Police Chief Joseph Krzeminski Retires.

Port Chester Police Chief Joseph Krzeminski has signed an agreement to resign his position for the purposes of retirement effective January 2, 2014. He has worked for the Village of Port Chester for over 33 years. The Village Board of Trustees has approved this agreement.  Krzeminski, will be placed on paid administrative leave, which will be retroactive to October 29, 2013, when he was placed on suspension due to results of an investigation. Krzeminski has agreed to make himself available to the Village Manager to the date of his retirement. ‘We wish him the best in his future endeavors,” said Village Manager Christopher Steers. “ I have known the Chief for a long time. He will be missed”, added Mayor Neil Pagano.

Anne Latella January 01, 2014 at 10:24 AM
JJ- You can turn off the remote control on your T. V. when you are not interested or do not like a program. Likewise if this blog annoys you, there is no point even going to the site and reading it.
JJ January 01, 2014 at 10:38 AM
While I truly respect your age and insights I believe theta your insane comments have taken the readers here away from the real issue of this event. I actually remember you writing comments in another Port Chester newspaper long ago where you identified yourself as a quote 'proud liberal' where you made similar comments as you're doing now on world events. While there is nothing wrong in being a liberal but you seem to have a history of rambling on and on about nonsense. Honestly, I am happy that you lived in PC and have loyalty to certain people but it doesn't have manure to do with this case against the former Chief of Police. HAPPY NEW YEAR and other best go you; maybe you need to move back to PC to provide guidance to the current leadership there.
Anne Latella January 01, 2014 at 12:18 PM
JJ- You are giving me a lot of credit if you believe my comments have taken the readers away from the real issues. It is my opinion, everyone posting here is an intelligent thinker expressing their own opinion. I am not so vain as to believe I am changing anyone's mind about the issue. Perhaps though some can appreciate I have opinions and their is still Freedom Of Speech in this country, which therefore entitles me to my opinion. Furthermore, I never said I was a "Proud Liberal. "I am a registered Democrat but I am not a far left liberal. Also as you know you can be registered in a party and can vote otherwise which I have done quite a few times. I do not honk you would want me to express all of my current opinions on the U.S. Government today. However, I do not believe anyone should enter this country illegally. I believe the quota system is in not only the best interests of the country as well as the immigrant. Illegal immigration has caused this country and immigrants many problems. In addition I never approved of the manner in which the Affordable Health Care Act was written or imposed upon the citizens of the U.S. Nancy Pelosi's remark, "You will find out what is in it after it is passed," was insult to the integrity of the American people as is the entire act itself. Before you start calling me a racist, I did not vote for President Obama because of his skin color. He lacked and still lacks the Administrative experience to run the government. I believe both Dr. Carson and Alan West are far more intelligent, experienced and have a better understanding of the American way of life then the current President. I voted For Mitt Romney because he had an abundance of Administrative ability as a past CEO and a past governor. I believe he would have better served all of the citizens of the U.S. which is the President's responsibility. I do not believe in the Robin Hood Method of Government. Our founding Fathers had great foresight and there is no greater document then the United States Constitution. I do believe in Social Security and Medicare. They are programs the citizens have spent a life tme paying for and it is their savings which is now being returned to them. I do not believe the government should help themselves to this money which does not belong to them since thee monies were already taxed on the employees gross income. I also express my opinion on National blogs regarding these issues and write opposing views directly to the Democratic Senator Bill Nelson from Florida and I get direct replies from him within a week to ten days. I have been employed s an Administrator, Business Manager and in the field of accounting for 57 years. I have been vocal about my opinions going back to the days of The Daly Item, where my opinions regarding the best interests of Port Chester were printed after they would call me on the phone to verify I had written it. I do not need to move back to Port Chester although there have been times I have wished I had never left. Every Board in every town or city needs guidance in order to carry out the needs of those who voted for them in the first place. Happy New Year to you also JJ. To set the record straight my loyalty is not to people but rather to my own beliefs of what is right and wrong. I am intelligent enough to know I am not changing anyone's mind. Just expressing my own opinions.
Jazelle January 02, 2014 at 11:21 AM
Anne...Anne..... please give your fingers a break!
Anne Latella January 02, 2014 at 12:19 PM
Jazelle_ My fingers do not need a break. Thank you. If your eyes need a rest, do not visit this web page. It is as simple as turning off the remote on your T.V.


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