Port Chester Board Appoints Acting Chief, Capt. John Telesca

Chief Joseph Krzeminski is apparently ill, which led the Board to appoint Telesca to fill his role.

The following is a press release from the Port Chester Clerk's office:

Upon the action of the Village Board of Trustees at a special meeting held on September 5th, 2013; Captain John Telesca has been appointed Acting Chief of Police.

The Board action was approved through a unanimous vote of those present and the resulting resolution addresses the continued absence of the current Chief, Joeseph Krzeminski, due to his apparent illness. Due to the exigent circumstances presented the Board of Trustees was required to take immediate and decisive action, said Mayor Pagano.

The resolution appoints Captain Telesca as Acting Chief of Police pursuant to the authority of the Board of Trustees (“Board”) under Section 5711-q of New York’s Unconsolidated Laws and/or the Charter of the Village of Port Chester.

The resolution further provides that the appointment is effective immediately and will continue until such time as Chief Krzeminski is capable of performing the essential functions of his job and the Board has approved his return to duty. The Acting Chief will work closely with and report to the Village Manager, Christopher Steers.

Mayor Pagano also remarked that “The Board of Trustees’ appointment of an Acting Chief assures the continued operation of one of the Village’s most important departments and maintains an executive officer with the authority to carry out all of the responsibilities and duties of the Police Chief”. The Board of Trustees has full faith and confidence in John Telesca to perform these duties
JJ September 12, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Dee or whatever your "real name" is.......... This is also what you wrote" I come from a family of police officers and I also hold a law degree". You implied that you were a lawyer; now you're NOT and giving OTHER examples!! Laughable; what are you in 7th grade??? And you name call? I have to agree with Mr. Noor; there is most definitely something wrong with you "counselor". If you BOTHERED to check my past postings you'd see I'm a BIG fan of the PCPD; just NOT the corruption that has lingered in Port Chester. I'm also done with you; go back and tell Mom you need more warm milk before you go to sleep...
Aidan September 13, 2013 at 09:04 AM
I'm with Craig and JJ ...
Guala September 16, 2013 at 11:23 AM
I been saying that the FBI should be involved from day one. Dee stop hidding and just say that you are in fact family with the pcpd. Only three officials have keys. Now if they gave their keys to either the "cleaning people" or "contractors" they are in fact as much or if not fully responsible for the thefts. That key they gave those three officials comes with rresponsibility. One which should not have lead to the theft. Now about your crazy theories of them being "set up" goes to show how much involved you are. If you check up with your law degree in white plains courts you will see how many villagers have filed complaints about the pcpd for harassment, stalking, abuse, wrongful arrest etc. You should look into it before creating ridiculous theories. I know plenty of officers and their families. They are all not jerks or corrupt. But trust me when I say there's corruption in the pcpd. That's why the Federal Bureau of Investigation need s to be brought in. Make an example of these oficials both in the police and higher ups so our town doesn't go thru this again. Yes yhat metter money could've helped lower taxes. Instead ir bought a few officials on the board boats, homes, cars etc. We need the FBI and don't forget they work for us as citizens. So you as a villager can call them.
mo jo September 24, 2013 at 05:03 AM
I'd agree with that Dee. Someone who has been charged and has paid police to get rid of evidence. There is a lot more to it then that. I just hope its exposed...


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