No Structural Damage After 89-Year-Old Driver Slams Car into Port Chester Garage

Driver lost control of new car, hitting pick up truck parked on Halstead Avenue and then slamming into his own garage.

A Halstead Avenue home was found to be safe after an 89-year-old resident lost control of his new car and crashed into his garage, according to Port Chester police.

The house did not sustain any structural damage and the driver walked away from the accident with just some scratches.

Police said the 89-year-old was backing his new Subaru out of his driveway at about 2 p.m. on Saturday and drove the car into a pick up truck that was parked on the street on Halstead Avenue. As neigbhors saw the crash and went to assist the driver, police said the driver put the car into drive and went forward  — going into his driveway and then crashing into the garage.

Although the driver was not seriously hurt, his car was wedged in the garage and smoke could soon be seen coming from the front of the car. Police said a further complication to the accident was the driver apparently did not know how to open the driver's door of his new car.

Port Chester police and Port Chester Fire Department members were called to the house, and firefighters were able to get the driver out of the car. The driver was taken to Greenwich (CT) Hospital for medical evaluation as a precaution.

Port Chester village building officials inspected the damaged garage and found that the garage and the home had not sustained structural damage and were safe.


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