Inspectors Working Through Long List of Violations After William St. Fire

The Jan. 10 fire was blamed on polyurethane-soaked rags left in a loft by a contractor, leading to fume build-up and spontaneous combustion.

Code inspectors are still working their way through a long list of violations at the site of a Jan. 10 fire on William Street, according to Assistant Village Manager Christopher Steers.

The fire prompted an investigation that is "requiring multiple inspections and a great deal of follow-up research," Steers wrote.

An inspector is drafting violation notices and the report could be complete by next week, he said.

The William Street fire began in a commercial loft, where a contractor had left polyurethane-soaked rags out in the open. Fumes built up from the chemical, igniting the rags and dust left on the floor after a contractor used a commercial-grade sander in the unit, according to fire Chief Kevin McFadden.

Authorities said a major fire was averted because employees working late in a ground-floor recording studio spotted smoke, and a sprinkler system kicked in to douse most of the flames ahead of a quick response by the Port Chester Fire Department.

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