Hose Breaks Away at Port Chester Gas Station

Police: No fuel spilled.

A Connecticut woman who fueled up at a Port Chester gas station didn't realize her car was still connected to the pump and drove off — taking the fuel nozzle and hose with her, according to Port Chester police.

Althouth the hose was pulled away from the pump, police said there was no fuel spill at the gas station at 305 Midland Ave. in the 8:30 a.m. incident Wednesday.

Police said a 49-year-old Darien, CT, woman bought $20 worth of gas at the station and had an attendant pump the gas for her. The woman told police that when she finished the transaction, the attendant did not take the gas pump nozzle out of her car.

When she pulled away, the nozzle and hose were torn away. Police said they were called to get involved because the station attendant asked the driver to pay a $30 fee for pulling off the hose from the pump, and the driver did not want to pay the fee — saying it was not her fault.

Police said the attendant was concerned about collecting the fee because, he told police, his boss would make him pay the repair fee.


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