Drug Dealer, Customer Robbed at Port Chester's Columbus Park

Marijuana, cash stolen by thief wearing ski mask.

An illegal marijuana purchase at Port Chester's was interrupted, but not by police.

Port Chester police said a man dressed in a hoodie and wearing a ski masked robbed two people at about 9:51 p.m. in the park as the were in the middle of a drug transaction. No one was injured.

Police said the incident was discovered by the park patrol. The victims were a 19-year-old Greenwich resident and a 24-year-old Port Chester resident.

Police are uncertain of the amount of cash and marijuana taken in the incident.

Craig Noor August 17, 2012 at 12:54 AM
This is funny, it reminds me of the story where two people who had shoplifted at Kohls had an accident in the parking lot.


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