Spirit All-stars Spectrolites named Best in the US

GREENWICH, Conn. – The all-star cheerleading team, “Spectrolites,” from Spirit Zone Too in Greenwich was named the best junior prep level 1 team in the nation after winning the regional U.S Finals championship. Shortly after winning, the 20 athletes and 3 coaches were fitted for their diamond rings and sweatpants that only the teams named best in the U.S received.

On May 3rd, Spirit Zone Too took all 5 of their teams that received bids to the prestigious U.S Finals event. The competition was held in Providence, Rhode Island where thousands of athletes from Pennsylvania all the way to Maine competed to become the champions. The winners got to bring home medals, a banner, and one of a kind U.S Finals champions jackets. 

Three of the Spirit Zone Too teams won the desired white jackets and were crowned the champions; the tiny Tanzanites, youth Malachites, and junior Spectrolites! Each team was then entered into the “Champions Challenge” where they were ranked against other teams from around the country. 

While being in the “Champions Challenge,” each routine was reevaluated by a panel of judges and ranked in the division of teams from across the nation. The tiny level 1 Tanzanites, ages 3-5, was ranked 6th in the nation, the youth level Malachites, ages 6-11, was ranked 4th in the nation, and the junior level 1 Spectrolites, ages 9-13, was ranked 1st! 

The Spectrolites were coached by gym owner Anne Aguiar-Asta, Kelcie Wehmnoff, and Amanda Tuzzolino. The team consists of 20 athletes from Norwalk, Greenwich, and Westchester County. Together, they achieved their goal they had set back in November…to win the U.S Finals. 

If you would like to join a Spirit All-star Greenwich team, contact the office at 203-531-9663


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