Letter to the Editor: Greg Adams Asks for Your Vote

Port Chester Village Trustee candidate Greg Adams explains why he wants to be elected to that position.

 Dear Editor:

 There was a time when our village board was congenial, professional and dignified. There was a time when our village board respected the people, especially residents who took the time to speak during public comments about issues that concerned them. For the past three years, congeniality, professionalism and respect have all but deserted our village board meetings. We need a board that listens more and bickers less. And this is why I ask for your vote for village trustee in the March election.

 I served on the board of Trustees from 2007 to 2010, back when the board behaved in a decent manner. The board of that time was bipartisan and while we did not agree on every issue, we never made a mockery of our positions as is often the case today. Importantly, Mayor Pilla led that functional board, which also included Trustees Brakewood and Kenner. When the Conservatives and Republicans teamed up in 2010 and took over the majority on the board, the tenor changed dramatically. Dignified meetings disintegrated into episodes of a Jerry Springer show. Now, it is commonplace for certain board members to yell at and belittle senior citizens, shout down residents, and bully the Mayor during meetings. Meetings have become embarrassing to watch. Like many residents, I would like to see a return to civility and productivity on the board. I would like to see a board that respects and works for the people.

 If elected, I will work to bring professionalism back to our board. I am running on the Democrat and Citizens for Better Government line with Mayor Pilla and Trustees Brakewood and Marino, all of whom know how to work collaboratively. If our team is elected, we will be able to restore decency to village meetings and focus on the serious issues facing Port Chester. These issues include: saying NO to the 820-unit apartment complex proposal for the United Hospital site, increasing police protection in the village to fight crime, and keeping taxes affordable. I will also work to get our code enforcement efforts back on track, so that they target housing safety issues and overcrowded housing.

 I ask for your support on March 19. Please vote wisely and consider the ability of each candidate to work with others for the good of our village.



Gregory Adams

Candidate for Village Trustee


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