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Although Trustee Sam Terenzi laughs at the idea, Port Chester N.Y. was a very friendly place to live. Camaraderie was natural.  People built homes and they were never required to obtain a permit or a Certificate of Occupancy. The General Contractor or Sub-Contractors took care of that through the Building Inspector's Record Department. At no time was any Home owner given a copy of any of those records. Taxpayers paid the Building Inspector to take care of such matters. The new owner only was issued one document by their Bank and that was the deed. Home Owners were not require to keep cumbersome files. Now the building Inspector is also requiring copies of Tax Receipts,   Electrical paid bills etc, Instead of a playroom you will now need a file storage room for your home. Although computers have eliminated paperwork, you are now being required by The Building inspector to  retain all paper work . Make sure you save room for four sets of plans of your home. If you are buying a home from someone other then a Developer be certain they leave all of those files in the storage room for you or you will need to go through the entire process again and you will be made to pay for all of these new Documents. Just some helpful information.

FJT June 17, 2014 at 03:57 AM
The amnesty program will generate many millions of dollars in revenue for the village. It's no wonder the program is viewed as a "cash cow" and a "shakedown" of innocent property owners. When will this travesty end? I believe the answer to that is whenever enough property owners have experienced the new process for getting a Certificate of Occupancy and reached their boiling points. Until you have experienced it on a personal level, you don't really know what a monstrosity of a program the past two Boards of Trustees have concocted and dumped on a naive and unsuspecting public.


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