Catherine Parker - Helping Astorino Sell Playland Off To Private Real Estate Developers
Catherine Parker - Helping Astorino Sell Playland Off To Private Real Estate Developers

Well Rye, and other voters in Westchester County Legislative District 7 (and beyond), here's your chance.

You *could* call in and ask her how she reconciles supporting a plan from Sustainable Playland, Inc. ("SPI") whose long term goal is clearly (and always has been) to do away with Playland Amusement Park and replace half the parking lot with an indoor sports facility that will cater not to the general public kids of all financial backgrounds throughout Westchester County, but only to the homogenous demographic of kids whose parents will be able to afford the private use, league-only (so they say), pay-for-play, private profit, state of the art, top of the line facility.

OR...you could call in and ask her how, as someone who postures (and campaigned!) as a Democratic  "Environmentalist", she reconciles putting this behemoth (82,500 sq. ft. PLUS two outdoor astro-turf playing fields) structure in a FEMA flood zone- next to a Nature Sanctuary (Edith Read) and Long Island Sound, while just yards away from a residential neighborhood-without SPI pursuing any environmental review process under SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review)  or the Park Land Alienation process.  Maybe she can walk us all through how *exactly* one explains such a disparity within their own stated personal ethics to one's kids.

Click HERE to see SPI's SEQR Form submission classifying the project as "Type 1 Action" . They submitted the form as such while simultaneously giving it a "Negative Declaration" statement attesting that there is no significant environmental impact from the project, with the assertion, therefore, that this huge construction project in that environmentally sensitive location needs no Environmental Review - because of course, that would cost them a lot of time and money to do (and they might not pass a review).

OR you could ask her how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the right way.

Your call. Just make sure you call.





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Deirdre Curran May 07, 2014 at 12:00 PM
At best she never read the paperwork. At worst, and most likely, she did and has known all along about this and said nothing.


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