Blogs: Angry Taxpayers; From Paris with Words

A recap of recent and popular blog posts in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

Jonathan Swift is in Rockland.

Or, at least a like-minded essayist is.

Blogger(s) Clarkstown Taxpayers sounds off on the town's fiscal woes, and some other troubling tidbits—like how "more people moving out than are moving in."

If you're a resident, or simply interested in perusing the scathing blog, scan it here.

Hudson Valley's best-known columnist Art Gunther III reports from abroad in his latest dispatch, penning a blog from Paris. The retired newspaper man offers pithy insight into his trip across the Atlantic:

"Food is eaten in small portions, the taste savored, the wine a matching partner," he writes. "Parisians are not brusque, arrogant, indifferent. They are matter of fact, yes, civil, oh absolutely, helpful, especially if you offer a few words in their language, and polite."

Next up, something for the small business owner—Facebook/Twitter guru and Patch blogger Mario Mirabella lays out five social media conventions that are totally wrong. Some key take aways: post all the time, and across as many mediums as you can.

And while we're on the topic of technology, blogger Ellen Webner offers up the best Halloween apps on the market. Readers can use their handheld to find the perfect costume, track down the nearest haunted house, or—perhaps most useful—to replace that bulky flashlight.


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