What's Up On North Main Street?

Never a dull moment.

Port Chester resident and Patch blogger says things have been fairly quiet recently in his North Main Street neighborhood, although there is rarely a dull moment.

It was McNerney's video of a man passed out in front of his home for hours and being robbed repeatedly by people on the street that sparked attention to late-night conditions on North Main Street. As a result, Port Chester is in the process of reviewing its police patrol efforts for the area and whether additional funding is needed for the Port Chester Police Department to tackle late-night problems.

McNerney's video attracted attention around the world. Another video from his security cam system did not attract the same attention, but still angered Port Chester residents — showing a woman dumping the trash from her car out onto North Main Street.

Most recently, McNerney says his camera system caught a Jeep getting hit by a commercial truck in front of his house.  He says accident tore the fender right off the car.  The driver, however, did pick it the fender and lay it back in place — and then drove off.

McNerney says he knows the owner of the Jeep and passed along video of the car getting hit in hopes that it could be of assistanced.

He installed a video camera system on his front porch in response to late-night noise and crime in his neighborhood. He was hoping it might help him in his efforts to get local officials to crack down on noisy bars and nightclubs in the neighborhood.

His original video has led to the Port Chester Board of Trustees initiating a review of possible changes to the village's entertainment zone law.


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