Port Chester: Dry Ice Available at Senior Center

Village still has supply of dry ice available, will be distributed today until 4 p.m.

Port Chester still has dry ice available to help village residents who remain without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor Dennis Pilla said this morning that dry ice will be distributed at the Port Chester Senior Community Center, located in the rear of 222 Grace Church St., until 4 p.m. today. The village distributed dry ice to residents on Thursday and Friday.

"The Village Board remains very concerned about those still without power, and we are doing everything we can to be helpful," Pilla said.

Dry ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide and is -110 degrees, and will last much longer than regular ice.  It must be handled using gloves or towels.

Port Chester requires that a liability waiver be signed in order to obtain the dry ice.

The storm knocked out power to much of Port Chester on Monday. This morning, Con Ed reports about 2,800 customers in Port Chester remain without power  — that's down from around 8,000 customers who did not have power. On Friday, power was restored to businesses along the Post Road, allowing gas stations to resume selling fuel.

In Rye Brook, about 2,500 Con Ed customers remain without power, among 107,000 cutsomers in Westchester County who are still in the dark.


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