Rubin Museum of Art Achieves Flexibility and Business Continuity with Broadview’s OfficeSuite

Broadview Networks, a Rye Brook-based provider of communications services, has integrated OfficeSuite®, its award winning cloud-based business phone system, for the Rubin Museum of Art. The Rubin Museum of Art, located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, is home to a comprehensive collection of art from the Himalayas and neighboring regions. The museum also offers an array of educational programs, fine dining and shopping opportunities. “During one specific outage, we had no connectivity from our old system for almost a month”


After becoming frustrated with the unreliable phone and internet service from their former provider, the Rubin Museum began to search for a better solution. “During one specific outage, we had no connectivity from our old system for almost a month,” said Harvard Lim, Head of IT Implementation and Operations. “It was painful for us not being able to answer the phones and dealing with an internet service that was crawling—at best. We lost a lot of business that month and knew we needed a better solution.”


Lim and his team compared a variety of options and ultimately chose OfficeSuite® because of the level of service and support they knew they would receive from Broadview. “The technicians came out and did the installation quickly—Broadview is attentive, responsive and has all of the necessary redundancies in place.”


With OfficeSuite®, the Museum can quickly redirect calls with the click of a mouse on the Broadview website. “I had OfficeSuite up and running in 15 minutes and understood the ins and outs right away,” Lim explained. “One of the key benefits for us is being able to access the OfficeSuite system from anywhere. We can re-route calls to other offices, to our cell phones or to other colleagues when someone is sick or on vacation. We are better able to support our staff, so it has made our jobs much simpler.”


To learn more about OfficeSuite®, click here.


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