Whitby Castle Featured in Westchester Magazine

The magazine focuses on its history, not the drama that is currently unfolding at the castle.

Westchester Magazine highlighted Whitby Castle as one of “Westchester’s Gilded Age Estates,” in the January, 2013 issue.

Author Julia Sexton provides a brief description of Whitby's history. Architect A.J. Davis designed the castle as a residence in 1852 and the building is said to contains stones from Whitby Abbey, a 13th-ceuntry North Yorkshire, England ruin, Sexton writes. 

The property was private until 1921, which is when it became part of the Rye Country Club. The City of Rye purchased the property in 1965 and created the Rye Golf Club, an enterprise fund that operates on membership dues.

Sexton suggests readers partake in a summer "Whitby Castle Sunday ritual: Bloody-Mary-fueled brunches on the patio, overlooking golfers, rolling lawns, and the sun glinting off Long Island Sound.”

The WestMag article made no mention of Whitby restaurant’s recent struggles to turn a profit. The castle business has become the focus of Rye Golf Club Commission members and golfers concerned over the recent management of the club. The Rye City Council has formed a Committee to explore the Whitby restaurant’s future. Read more on that here.

To read Westchester Magazine's story, click here



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