Port Chester's Capitol Theatre Set to Re-open in September

40 shows set following renovations to long-popular local musical venue.

With renovations backed by the ongoing, the 1926 landmark is set to open again in September, with a series of 40 shows that were announced today.

"It all starts with the lineup," says Peter Shapiro, who is leading the revival of the Capitol Theatre. "Combining this eclectic group of incredible musicians, this historic and influential theatre, and the most state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and visual projection technologies in the world should create a pretty amazing experience."

The acts set to perform at the Capitol have been booked by Shapiro in partnership with The Bowery Presents (Anthony Makes).

Here's the line up announced today:

9/4/12 TBA
9/7/12 The Roots/Bob Weir solo (A Benefit for HeadCount) (followed by DJ ?uestlove's Cap Train Party)
9/8/12 Hugh Laurie with The Copper Bottom Band
9/9/12 Buddy Guy & Jonny Lang
9/14/12 The Roots/Dirty Dozen Brass Band (followed by DJ ?uestlove's Cap Train Party)
9/15/12 Big Gigantic
9/19/12 J Geils Band
9/21/12 The Roots/Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (followed by DJ ?uestlove's Cap Train Party)
9/22/12 Kenny Wayne Shepherd & Robert Cray
9/25/12 Dirty Projectors
9/27/12 David Gray
9/28/12 The Roots (followed by DJ ?uestlove's Cap Train Party)
10/3/12 Regina Spektor
10/6/12 Galactic
10/9/12 Ben Folds Five
10/10/12 Fiona Apple
10/11/12 Warren Haynes Weekend
10/12/12 Warren Haynes Weekend
10/13/12 Blues Traveler/Spin Doctors
10/17/12 Umphrey's McGee
10/20/12 Psychedelic Furs w/ The Lemonheads feat. Juliana Hatfield
10/25/12 Al Green
10/27/12 Indigo Girls with full band
11/8/12 Lyle Lovett and His Acoustic Group
11/9/12 moe.
11/10/12 Justin Townes Earle
11/20/12 Ray LaMontagne
11/23/12 Strangefolk
11/24/12 Strangefolk
11/27/12 The Moody Blues
11/28/12 The Moody Blues
12/27/12 My Morning Jacket
12/28/12 My Morning Jacket
12/29/12 My Morning Jacket
12/30/12 Steve Miller Band
12/31/12 Steve Miller Band
1/11/13 Roger Hodgson of Supertramp
1/18/13 Guster
2/2/13 Citizen Cope
4/13/13 Herbie Hancock

Designed by architect Thomas Lamb in 1926 and listed in The National Register of Historic Places, the 1,835-seat Capitol Theater at 149 Westchester Ave. — not far from the Port Chester train station.

The theater was long a popular concert venue, hosting performances by the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Derek and the Dominos, Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, David Bowie, Santana, Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop. Beneath a 65-foot domed ceiling, the concert hall features a general admission floor, a seated balcony including VIP seats, and six presidential box suites.

The renovations include:

- In-house production will feature a d&b audiotechnik V-Series line array sound system (the first install of its kind in the country);

- A full house projection system featuring ten HD cinema-quality projectors;

- Content created by Mark Brickman (Pink Floyd, Roger Waters' 'The Wall' Tour) and the NYC-based team of Batwin and Robin;

- An arena sized lighting rig designed and installed by Chris Ragan and BML/Blackbird.

In March, the Port Chester Industrial Development Agency reached an agreement with Capitol Enterprises to support a $2.2 million renovation of the Capitol Theatre.

Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Melodie- If I still lived in Port Chester which I did most of my life, I would like to move back into the home I built on King St in Port Chester, However, a very nice person by the name of Ralph Mazzeo lives there now and his family and mine were friends. for years. Port Chester is forever in my heart and I was heartbroken to have to leave. However, I had an elderly mother living in Florida who needed open heart surgery and my first duty as her only daughter was to go live near her to be of assistance.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 02:42 PM
There is absolutely no reason there cannot be a Christmas Tree in the Ridge St. shopping center. I would insist on it and so should every Christian. When I lived in Port Chester the Rabbi from the Jewish Temple and the priest from Corpus Christi Church where I was a parishioner were very friendly. They would visit each others house of worship and the priest would give the invocation at events at the Temple and the Rabbi would give the invocation at the Corpus Christi Communion Breakfast. These are men of God and proved it by their actions. The kids from Corpus Christi played basketball at the Temple and the kids from the Temple played basketball at Corpus Christi. There was wonderful Camaraderie.
Aidan August 10, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Ms. Latella ... and all of those churches and temples and such are OFF the tax rolls. And the slack is picked up by every taxpayer still here ... which you are not.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Melodie-Unfortunately it is necessary to fix the Government of the U. S. thinking on illegal immigration in order to correct the problems in Port Chester. It is the U. S. government who inclued illegal immigrants in the Protection of Affirmative Action Law which gives them protection from the law, the police and even ICE. Sheriff Arpaio in Colorado is being brought to court by Eric Holder the Attorney General & President Obama because he arrests illegal immigrants and insists on their deportation. The root of the problem is the U. S.government & therefore Port Chester cannot solve the problem & the police can even be prosecuted for doing their job. Even though it is within their Constitutional Rights.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Melodie- I am aware as you are concerning illegal immigrants and their cost to the taxpayers of Port Chester and as I said this is national problem and Port Chester's hands are tied until the U.S. Government is hopefully changed from its present socialist attitude. I was always a registered Democrat but a moderate. Unfortunately our government is following the Socialist plan of Cuba,Venezuela etc. If you are familiar with what happened to Cuba which was a very wealthy beautiful country, it is now one big slum with only poor people on the dole from the government. That is what could and is happening to Port Chester.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Melodie- I have to tell you one more thing. These illegal immigrants do not get here on their own by walking across the border. It is all arranged by people who are called Mules. They know the routes above and underground to enter the country. Once across the border they arrange for the illegal immigrants transportation to different cities. I was told they even have a large sign which refers them to Port Chester where the benefits and sanctuary is great. These illegal immigrants have to work off the cost of being transported here by these so called Mules. If they do not pay up their are consequences either prostitution or beatings, stabbings etc.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Melodie- It is my opinion The Capitol Theater enterprise will work out fine just as the restaurants have. I believe the promoters will pay for extra police protection. They cannot afford bad publicity because they have invested a huge amount of money and also need to protect the "elite gentry' who come from Greenwich etc a well as protect the big name stars. I truly wish I could solve all of Port Chester's problems. I have been fighting for the betterment of Port Chester since the days I lived there and many of my arguments are in the Daily Item Archives. I not only lived, went to school and grew up in Port Chester but had relative on every block and still have relatives who live there. I also worked locally first as the Business Manager of High Pont Hopital and then as Administrator. I was heartbroken to leave my home and job and relatives in Port Chester. Although I live in Florida my heart belongs in Port Chester, my beloved Corpus Christi Church and my grammar school, Jr. High and Port Chester High and the comraderie which existed at that time. I have faith Port Chester will once again flourish and go bck to what it wa before and hopefully even better if that is possible. My family lived in Port Chester from the 1880's. Three generations.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Aidan- It is too bad if it upsets you the churches and temple are off the tax roles. Did it not occur to you the people who attend are taxpayers helping to support the Village as well as their houses of worship. It does not cost the town anything to take care of these buildings. The Village Taxpayers are doing it. So what is your beef. Are you just an Atheist waiting to exploit your investment which is minimal in comparison to what other taxpayers are Paying. Of course I no longer pay taxes there but I did as did three generations of my family. As a matter of fact I do not believe you are paying taxes in Naples, FL where I live. So what is your complaint? If you think I should not voice my opinion think again. I have more invested there then a johnny come lately ex- resident of New Rochelle whose only interest in Port Chester seems to be how much money you can make there.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 03:54 PM
Aidan- What is your problem with churches and temples not paying taxes? Did it occur to you that all of the parishioners who attend those churches & temples have been and are taxpayers? They also take care financially of the buildings. What is your complaint? Are you an atheist? As far as my not paying taxes there, three generations of my family and I paid taxes in Port Chester. Who are you to question my paying taxes. You are a johnny come lately and ex-resident of New Rochelle and have a long time to catch up with me and my family paying taxes. Your only interest in Port Chester is your investment and how much money you can make on it. I live in Naples, FL and pay taxes here which you do not. If you think I should not voice my opinion, forget about it. Freedom of speech is still a part of our Constitution so keep watching for my comments.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Aidan do not try deleting my comment again. I will only continue to rewrite it.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Melodie-Correct me if I am wrong. There is no Rye Brook Tax Collector. They have to pay their taxes to the Port Chester Rye Town Tax Collector, They use the Port Chester Library & Police & Fired Department as back up to theirs. I doubt if Port Chester would do this without charging them. Do you have census figures which show the heritage of all of the people who live there? I know quite a few people of Italian Heritage who live there now and have lived there since it was the unincorporated Town of Rye.Even if it is a majority of Jewish families, they cannot prevent anyone from putting up a Christmas Tree as well as a Menorah. The Rye Ridge Shopping Center is not a Temple and many Christians frequent it.
Ross Revira August 10, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Ann Latella I can see you are proud of your hometown but that does not change the facts that PC is not the village of your youth. If you left in 1975 do you remember all the junkies and prostitutes on S. Main St? PC is no longer that bad but why do you think Rye Brook has their own village and school system? Maybe if you lived there today your fond memories would be jolted back to reality. Stop using the excuse it happens all over the country. Don't blame China for PC's problems. PC's problems are the direct result of it's citizens, it is that simple.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Ross Rivera-Everyone else in Port Chester is blaming it on illegal immigrants. Why are your blaming the Citizens? I never said China was to blame for Port Chester's problems. I said the lack of jobs is due to outsourcing our industry to China. Port Chester had a lot of industry with 'Made in America' labels. Can you find any now? You cannot ignore the fact that illegal immigration is the fault of the U. S. government not Port Chester. Most illegal immigrants from different countries enter through Mexico & Canada and our border are not adequately protected. I still have family living in Port Chester in homes they have lived in all their life. Not on Main St. of course but in the Village of Port Chester. Rye Book exists because the residents in that area voted to secede. However, where do you think they shop Or go out to eat at a restaurant? etc. Illegal immigrants are not arriving in Port Chester by Boat, Bus, Train, etc. They are transported here due to the U.S. Governments refusal to correct the problem & do not allow local governments to enforce the laws which we already have to deal with illegal immigration. It is not an excuse . It is a fact!
Aidan August 10, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Ms. Latella, I did nothing of the sort. I've no idea what happened to any comment of yours. In fact, my screen shows two identical posts about twenty minutes apart. I do not block free speech. Say whatever you want ... that's what this nation's all about. Just don't accuse me of boorish behavior.
Aidan August 10, 2012 at 08:28 PM
My comment about the "off the tax roll" entities in PC extends not just to places of worship, but to other properties that fall under laws different than what applies to homes and businesses. I include group homes as well as other organizations that fall under that category. If you still lives here ... and you don't ... you might know that many residents are shocked at the number of properties (and their value) which have been removed from the rolls. That is slack picked up by everyone else in the community ... even if the entity serves on a sliver of this community. The proportion of off the the roll tax entities in PC are much higher than in surrounding municipalities. And it has become a burden. Yes, it's a tough one to grapple with, but it is a concern. As for your "atheist" slam ... well, that , ma'am, is a low blow. And you should be shamed. No, I'm not an atheist at all. Not even close. But you know what? It is NONE of your business. At all. You've no standing here to assume anyone's spirituality. One last thing. You left here a lifetime ago. And the fact that you keep up" via news outlets and communiques with family does not convey to you the actuality of the PC of today. You zoom back 30 or 40 years during nearly every post. That's called living in the past ... from a distance no less. Maybe, just maybe, some posters see things as they are ... not as they were.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Aidan- The misconceptions were created by your remark when I mentioned the number of churches & temples in the village and you immediately stated they are off the tax rolls like they are ripping the community off. You sounded annoyed they do not pay taxes and I merely reminded you the people who attend these houses of worship are all taxpayers. Therefore you made it my business to ask your reason for being annoyed. I did not accuse you of being an atheist I merely asked the question. Everyone knows all religious institutions that are considered churches or temples are exempt from taxes.
Aidan August 10, 2012 at 08:43 PM
About some other misconceptions put out there by you. The investment I have in PC is not a business at all. It's my home. And while I grew up in New Rochelle, I came here after nearly 30 years in Rye. And to suggest that I'm here to "rip off" PC is slimy stuff. I'm here because I chose to be here. And one of my sons has his own home here as well. We're not the carpetbaggers you envision. Lose the vision. Why did I come here? Because I do see the limitless possibilities PC has before it. I see the potential. And I've no regrets in my decision to come here. Now, does that disqualify me from making comments or observations? Or is that the right of a property owner and a taxpayer? A yes or no will do. You're not some long-lost Port Chester princess. Stop stuffing your recall down everyone's throat. Folks here ... and now ... wanna deal with the PC of 2012. And we wanna fix it and make it shine because we are invested emotionally, social and financially. Isn't an active citizen a plus for this community? Read my past posts. Few have been as upbeat as I have been ... but I do admit to moments of pure frustration at times. But that is the emotion in me. And that's been translated into a lot of positive things for this community. I'm better for being here ... and Port Chester is better for me being here. I'm not an internet citizen of Port Chester. I'm a contributor to this village in the best manner I know how.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Aidan- I am not a mind reader. At some point I asked you what interest you had in Port Chester. You did not advise me you only owned a home. You said you had an investment there on which you expected to profit. I did not say anything about you ripping anyone off. Do not put words into my mouth. They are your words as is slimy stuff. As you stated you are a teacher I am surprised at your ridiculous response to my comments. I Never said I was some long lost Port Chester Princess. Again those words do not appear to sound like some educators type of language. Pretty self serving to say Port Chester is better for your being there. I would like to hear that from some of the people of Port Chester none of whom have seemed to even mentioned you so far.Frustration is a mild form of the statements you are making. Sounds to me like you may be in need of anger management control. Speaking of low blow remarks "I am not an Internet citizen," gives me more insight into your character. When you have a family who has been in Port Chester for three generations and have lived there for 47 years as I have, I think perhaps we could have a more reasonable discussion. In the event you are not aware, I do not have to be a currently active citizen in order to comment here. I do not believe you are the owner of this website so I will just choose to ignore your misconceptions which you claim to be mine.
Aidan August 10, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Sorry, you made dreadful assumptions. They're there for anyone to read. Why should I advise you of anything? Who are you? You went right ahead and assumed. "Anger Management"? Sorry. You just don't like it when someone calls you out on some not-so-bright remark . Which brings me to another assumption you make. How does being an educator in any way enter this? Am I precluded from disagreeing with you because I'm supposed to be some genteel, soapy, acquiescing teacher? And nod my approval for everything you observe ... from 1500miles away? As for my good citizenship, well, there you go again. Now you're ascribing fantasy to my remarks ... all the while you're acting the foreign sage of some sort. I've small desire to become a local star. I'm just like most people here. Get up, go about my business and see to the well being of my family and the community I'm apart of. Am I supposed to give you a litany of my civic contributions? Perhaps then you might accept me as a taxpayer and a voter. Thanks for you supreme and regal opportunity to impress you. But I'm unimpressed. And you still made slimy statements.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Aidan- You are hypersensitive & totally out of control. I know I must have touched a nerve. Frankly, I no longer view you as a educator or even a gentlemen. This blog is supposed to be about conditions in Port Chester. Not personal slams. Just cool it! It does not bother me in the least if I impressed you. Why would I even care?
Aidan August 10, 2012 at 09:38 PM
"Not personal slams. " Remember that. And you're disappointment matters little, ma'am.
William Demarest (Editor) August 10, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Update.... Bob Dylan is going to be the first act when the Capitol opens in Port Chester in September ... tickets go on sale next week.
Anne Latella August 10, 2012 at 10:04 PM
Aidan-Thank you & I will just return the compliment.
Aidan August 10, 2012 at 10:13 PM
And please apologize for accusing me of having your posts vanished.
Anne Latella August 11, 2012 at 12:05 AM
Aidan- that post was not there when I rewrote the same context twenty minutes later. Strange it reappeared not twenty minutes later but was entirely missing for much longer than that. I searched for a long time and now it is right above the second post regarding the same subject. Very mysterious. Maybe the computer had gone into a sleep mode.I have no idea who could have pulled that off except the party it was intended for. If you did not do it, accept my apology. However, I believe you owe me more the one apology for the manner in which you have written to me. Maybe it will help me to find the better side of you because unfortunately your comments to me gave me reason to lose respect for you.
Aidan August 11, 2012 at 12:22 AM
I accept your apology. Your respect for me is of little worry.
Anne Latella August 11, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Aidan- There seems to be a misunderstanding. My apology was only valid if you stated you were not the person who was the reason my post vanished which you never denied & in addition I stipulated it was necessary for you to apologize to me for quite a few really nasty remarks you directed to me. Since you have not met either of the conditions for an apology, one does not exist. I am happy to know you can live with a conscious without respect.I have concluded you do not have a better side.
Aidan August 11, 2012 at 02:00 PM
I was not the person who deleted your remarks. And your assessment of my character troubles no one. At all.
Former Harrisonite August 13, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Yes, PC has it's problems like many other communities. They have made an effort to revitalize the downtown and I believe the Capitol reopenining will give it a great "shot in the arm". I am a former Harrisonite and always shopped in Port Chester...there is nothing to buy in harrison except pizza, bagels, coffee, have your nails done, and dry cleaning. That town is pathetic!!! Port Chester will rebound quicker than Harrison.
Conservative NYer August 13, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Harrison has been and always will be a "bedroom community". But I must say I feel safer in Harrison than PC. Try walking down Poningo Street past dark. As for PC having more, that has been and always will be true. Harrison has kept it that way because that is the way they want it. I have lived in Harrison my entire life, as my father, my grandparents and my great grandparents and so on and it was never known for "to be a haven for shopping". PC has many more problems than the average communites around here. Case in point a young man was just murdered the other day, gang activity infiltrating, massive drugs houses shall I go on......PC has a lot to offer but until the infection is cut out completely PC will always have the reputation that it has because of what happens on a daily basis here. It's sad but it's true.


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