Crowds Fill The Cap for Citizens Cope's Hypnotic Sound

The soulful singer/songwriter/musician sang and played passionately to a packed theater on Feb. 2.

Citizen Cope’s enigmatic voice echoed through The Capitol Theater on Feb. 2 while a packed crowd swayed, sang along and danced to his music. Cope played an approximately two hour show with no set break, featuring many songs from his latest album, One Lovely Day. The show switched back and forth between many of Cope's lulling, passionate and slower songs to more upbeat rock songs with a quicker tempo.

While Cope is known for his acoustic sound and sometimes plays solo for some shows, his band played with him for most of the concert at The Cap.

They played fan favorites like “Let the Drummer Kick,” and “Sideways,” among others, that are from his earlier albums, released in 2002, 2003 and 2006.  

Click through the photos to check out the lights and show. Read Citizen Cope’s full biography here

Did you see Cope at The Cap? What did you think of the show? Please tell us in the comments. 


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