Burger King Debuts 'Proud Whopper'

What makes the Proud Whopper different? Not much, but that's the point.

The Proud Whopper. Photo credit: Burger King
The Proud Whopper. Photo credit: Burger King
Written by Kara Seymour

Burger King has a new sandwich on the menu, but just at one location nationwide for a limited time.

“The Proud Whopper,” which debuted for  last week's Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, will be served through Thursday at the chain's downtown location.

But what makes the "Proud" Whopper different than a regular Whopper?

Nothing, and that’s precisely the point.

The new burger, which comes wrapped in rainbow paper, has a message. “We are all the same inside,” the paper wrapped around the sandwich reads.

A YouTube video posted to Burger King’s channel Wednesday shows customers brought to tears from eating the hamburger—not because it was so good, but rather because of the message that came along with it.

Burger King said introducing the Proud Whopper for the parade was one way to become involved in the community.

“We are always looking to engage our guests on a local level and be part of regionally relevant events,” Kelly Gomez, a Burger King spokeswoman, said in a statement. “With one of our restaurants on the Pride Parade route, it was a natural fit to be involved and celebrate by giving something back to the community.”

Burger King also passed out 50,000 rainbow crowns during the parade, USA Today reported. 

All Proud Whopper sandwich sales will be donated to scholarships benefiting LGBT high school seniors, according to USA Today.

Click here to see the full video.


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