Legendary Port Chester: Iggy Pop and Jane's Addiction, Sept. 14th, 1988:

Another trip into Port Chester's rich musical history at the Capitol Theatre.

Sometimes it can take a monumental year—and the right venue—to make or break a band.

For Iggy Pop and his openers for that night, Jane’s Addiction, that venue was the Capitol Theater, where one act made an effort to reclaim their stardom, while the other struggled to create it—temporarily, at least.

After disappointing sales of his recently debuted album, Instinct, Iggy was dropped by his record label a few months before the tour bus bee-lined for Port Chester. This could have possibly fueled the realization that he needed to remind fans he was still the man behind Real Wild Child, his cover song that was later used in movies like Crocodile Dundee II and Adventures in Babysitting.

The solution: a tour with newcomer to the alternative scene, Jane’s Addiction, a group already beginning to make waves in the underground scene with their album, Nothing’s Shocking.

A press release for the tour declared the group–comprised of Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and Eric Avery–as “one of the most talked-about bands on the L.A. underground scene," so what better way to bring that California sound to the Westchester music scene?

It’s clear that the now-revered jam Mountain Song should partially count its birthplace as the live stage, as its original video was banned from broadcast by MTV for including full frontal nudity.

Based on the x-rated rumors floating around the music world and magazines at the time, one can’t help but wonder: Did those Port Chester folks buy their tickets after catching a bootleg glimpse of the video before the show?

Unfortunately, when the beet-red curtains of the Capitol closed that night, it could have easily been one of the last fully clear memories for Navarro, who played guitar.

It was later stated that 1989—and recording their next album, Ritual de lo Habitual—was a hazy time for Navarro after picking up a heroin habit, proving Jane may have not been the only one with an addiction.

Were you at Iggy Pop's 1988 show at the Capitol? Got an idea for another historic concert you'd like to see profiled in Legendary Port Chester? Let us know in the comments section–and don't forget to send us photos, scans of ticket stubs, concert fliers or any other memorabilia from Port Chester's sonic history!

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Christine Loughran February 22, 2011 at 06:39 PM
You know Frank, it's funny: every time I write one of these nostalgic bits about the Capitol, it kills me that big acts don't come through anymore. Oh how I would love to catch Simon and Garfunkel spilling out of a tour bus on Westchester Ave..
craig sala March 08, 2012 at 02:37 AM
Shows are coming back to the Capital, big time. I worked at the theater for 10 years until we stopped doing shows in 98. Contact me, I have tons of posters, ticket stubs, memories etc....


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