Bob Dylan Brings In Crowd For Capitol's Revival In Port Chester

For some Dylan fans, it was their first time seeing the legend. For others, seeing him at the Capitol Theatre was one of many in a long line of Dylan shows.

When Cheri Lacoft heard was going to be the first performer at the re-opened Capitol Theater, she had one reaction.

“He’s perfect,” she said. “He is the absolute perfect pick.”

Lacoft and her husband Marty Lacoft came to t for the from Greenwich, CT., to see Dylan live for the first time.

“We’re really excited to see the theater, but also to see Dylan,” Marty Lacoft said. “We’re really truly excited for both reasons.”

Cheri Lacoft said they plan on coming back for one of the Moody Blues shows on Nov. 11 and 12. Marty Lacoft added there were a few other shows already announced they were interested in, but couldn’t remember off-hand which of the 40-plus shows announced that was.

Barbara Fasciani, of the Bronx, was at to see Dylan for the seventh time, and first in about four years. She said she was hoping to see some of his earlier stuff, including “Masters of War” and “Visions of Johanna.” She didn’t get the former, but did on the latter.

Doors for the 8 p.m. show opened at 6:30 and by that time, a line of about 50 people were already in place excited for the show. Pat, of Westfield, NJ., didn’t go in with the initial rush, but was hanging around outside the theater before doors opened. He said he’s been to about two dozen Dylan concerts, not all of which were great, he said.

“Dylan can be a hit-or-miss live performer,” he said. “I think his studio stuff is much better. Some people are just better on record than live, and he’s one of them for me. His records are great. I’ve seen him live and he’s been really good, but other times haven’t been as good.”

While he was looking forward to the show, he said he was even more excited for Dylan’s new record, “Tempest,” which comes out on Tuesday.


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