POLL: What Should Be Done With The Former United Hospital?

It's been seven years since the hospital went under.

News that thieves the former United Hospital site for scrap metal has prompted another round of speculation in Port Chester.

What's going on with the property, people wonder, and why has nothing been done in the seven years since the hospital closed?

A year after doctors and patients vacated United Hospital, big-time investors Starwood Capital purchased the site for $28 million in 2006.

Representatives from Starwood were all smiles and enthusiasm in summer 2010, when they presented grand plans for a project they called "The Gateway." So-named because it would be the first thing visitors saw when coming in via Route One, I-95 and I-287, The Gateway was a glitzy mix of tree-lined walkways, high-end shops, and high-rise apartments with views of the Sound.

But Port Chester's trustees, newly-elected and vowing not to the school district, weren't as impressed as Starwood's investors had hoped. Despite , elected leaders are reluctant to support any large-scale residential development in Port Chester.

Almost two years later, Starwood has scaled back its plans and is looking to recover on six years of owning a vacant building with nothing to show for it. The company has sued the school district for $750,000, arguing that it's been paying taxes based on an outdated property assessment.

In the meantime, more broken windows have been boarded up, the previously manicured lawn is overgrown, and the dilapidated building has become an eyesore -- and a sore point -- during the village's revitalization push.

George Datino March 01, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Forget about housing guidlines. Put in a place where people can put a bed in this town and people will figure out how to put a whole family there.
Keith Morlino March 17, 2012 at 04:33 PM
One of the problems with bringing back a hospital is no tax revenue to the town. Even though that property is "abandon" it is bringing in nice tax revenue to the town now. Not that this should not be the only consideration for bringing a hospital back, but it is a major one to think about along with can a hospital be managed effectively and i believe one cannot. I also agree that housing is not the way to go but a nice hotel/conference center might work out well...Costco would have been good over there instead of on the waterfront where it now resides. A business conference center of some sort I think would fit in nicely mixed in with a park or retail maybe ??
Anne Latella July 05, 2012 at 09:55 PM
A Private Hospital would be a large taxpayer and also serve the community with much needed services.
Erika Celeste July 16, 2014 at 10:07 AM
Port Chester needs a hospital. Plain and simple. It is an up and coming town that has a lot of people. We have to think of health benefits for the people. It is the ideal location for an emergency healthcare facility, right along the highway in case of emergencies and right next to a nursing home where residents are constantly growing ill and require emergency medical attention. The people of Port Chester cannot rely on hospitals in neighboring towns. Greenwich neglects patients who cannot afford healthcare and White Plains is constantly over-flooded with patients. Valhalla is too far in case of emergencies. Housing and shopping locations can be built elsewhere. Healthcare should be put first.
Linda Turturino July 17, 2014 at 01:31 PM
the increasing need for senior housing needs to be looked at I feel that Studio and 1 bedroom units should be placed there with preference given to the Senior community. A good walk in health facility will relieve the pressure from the ER's from people still using them as a primary care unit . Affordable is the question as well people cannot pay high $$ to live here. Reality is people are leaving here and it is very sad


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