Polar Vortex Makes For Icy Long Island Sound

Locals on both sides of the Sound snap pics as Tri-State waters take on an Arctic look.

Twitter Photo: pic.twitter.com/bZNPIg6d3t
Twitter Photo: pic.twitter.com/bZNPIg6d3t
While Polar Vortex Part 2 has been a bit milder than the first blast in January, the week-long freeze with temps in the teens and twenties has left its mark on the Long Island Sound.

Giving new meaning to the term "beach weather," locals across the area are grabbing their cameras to share photos on Twitter and Instagram of the frozen, or at the very least icy, waters.

See our gallery above of photos shared on social media from both the Long Island and Connecticut shores this past week.

And here's the good news: The National Weather Service says Friday temps will finally break the freezing mark, and even approach 40 degrees in areas.

It's still not beach weather, though.


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