Metro North Adds More Trains for Evening Commuters

Photo courtesy Metro North
Photo courtesy Metro North
Metro-North will provide additional trains this afternoon to accommodate customers and alleviate crowded conditions on some Friday morning trains.  
Metro-North decided to operate a Saturday schedule Feb. 14 because snow conditions on the roads, in the parking lots and on the tracks led officials to believe that there would be fewer commuters and that the trains would run better with more time for clean-up and more space between.

However, railroad officials announced at 2:30 p.m. that they will augment that service with additional trains from Grand Central, bringing available capacity up to 77 percent of normal.

As of 11 a.m., Metro-North ridership was 68 percent of a normal 
weekday, officials said in a statement. 
Metro-North operated a Saturday schedule on Friday morning, representing 40 percent of regular weekday morning rush service, as a result of the winter storm that left more than a foot of snow in many portions of the railroad’s service area. The railroad also ran 14 extra trains through the 
morning – nine on the New Haven Line, four on the Harlem Line and one on the Hudson Line – bringing service up to 55 percent of normal. 
“Based on forecasts of up to a foot of snow falling overnight, we were conservative in planning schedules to help reduce the chances that trains could become stranded or would have to be canceled,” said Joseph Giulietti, President of Metro-North Railroad. “When the sun shone through this morning, we had more customers than anticipated, particularly on the New Haven Line. We apologize for this morning’s crowding and expect to do better this afternoon.” 
Train times are available on Metro-North’s schedules page. Customers should also check mta.info Service Status and the news media for updates, listen for station announcements, sign up for email alerts, and download the Metro-North Train Time App for iPhone and Android.
Patrick February 14, 2014 at 07:25 PM
So glad I decided to stay home. The main deciding factor was that I knew Metro North would fail to keep up with whatever added stress the weather would bring. MNR has become a 3rd rate operation. Service has nosedived while their rate increases are about 5 times higher than the rate of inflation. People who rely on MNR are screwed because our elected officials are all getting their palms greased and will do nothing to make the situation right. I can't wait until I can retire and get away from this blood sucking state.
tom February 15, 2014 at 06:20 AM
My 5:37 am train was canceled this morning because of mechanical difficulties. The local ran late. Yesterday's commute was an absolute mess with people standing in the aisles. I second your comment that service is taking a nosedive, to say nothing of the fatal accident of which no one has been held accountable. The politicians are just taking us for a ride.
Elmb February 15, 2014 at 07:17 AM
Running a Saturday schedule on a Friday before a holiday weekend was absurd. I tried to catch the 5:47pm from Grand Central and every car was filled to the brim with standing people to the doors. The 6:22pm had 10 cars and also was overfilled and unsafe. Heaven forbid if this train would have derailed or hit something, there would have been fatalities and many injured. You can't safely squeeze so many standing people when they have nothing to hold on to. Riders pay a premium for substandard conditions, late or cancelled trains and what should be an illegal monopoly. In the northern Westchester and Putnam county areas, we are encouraged not to drive (for a green environment and less road traffic) yet our one and only commuting alternative is the train (no bus service). It's about time our local politicians take interest in this ever-growing issue. I dare any politician to ride the MNR Harlem line for one week and maybe we would get some results.
Aruna Rajagiri February 17, 2014 at 02:11 AM


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