Eastern-Inspired Clothing Line Got Its Start in Port Chester

One woman's hobby blossomed from a small business in Port Chester to a worldwide clothing line.

When a business adventure came up twelve years ago in Port Chester, Rose Ajmera didn't anticipate her hobby would also be her breakthrough in the fashion industry.

Today, Ajmera’s Indian-Western clothing line, SAACHI by In-Things, has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Anthropologie as well as storefronts around the world.

A native of India, Ajmera prided in her culture and wanted to share it with others.

“I’ve always been interested in Indian handicrafts and work,” she said. “It was just natural for me.”

Ajmera got her start in Port Chester, working with a friend in a business that made pashmina scarves. As time went on, Ajmera decided to take her passion for Indian clothing and artistry to the next level and developed a full clothing line. It was first featured in the storefront of Steilemannt, a shop that specialized in European fashion. 

With local success in Port Chester, Ajmera decided to expand beyond scarves and developed her SAACHI clothing line.

Launched in 2008, it features a very prominent nod to Indian culture, with a Western flare. While the origins of the line are unmistakable, the clothing is designed with American and European fashions in mind.

“I wanted to create a style that can be used by Westerners, but be created using Indian artists,” Ajmera explained.

Although the store still features the pashmina scarves she started out with, her line now includes items such as shoes, blouses, tunics and bracelets. Ajmera travels to India three or four times a year, collaborating with Indian artists to design and improve her clothing line. All the clothes featured in her line are imported from India and her family is involved in the production business as well.

Ajmera made a point to explain that being in touch with her roots and making this clothing line are important for her not only to keep people aware about Indian culture, but to also showcase the talents of Indian artistry.

“I want to keep my country’s art alive, “ she said. “If we don’t use the Indian artists and their work, it can’t be alive.”

SAACHI currently offers its products online, as well as featured in different stores locally in New York and Connecticut. Although Ajmera is interested in opening SAACHI stores in the future, she said that her main focus right now is to expand her business. 

For now, this thankful designer says she just feels blessed that her hobby-turned-local-company has achieved such success, especially in the fashion industry.

“I had no idea that years ago, this company would take off like it did, but I am very grateful for it,” she said.

For more information on SAACHI and to order from her clothing line, visit: http://www.saachistyle.com/

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