Realistic Fitness Goals For 2014

Nick Causa, Co-Fitness Director, THE GYM of Armonk
Nick Causa, Co-Fitness Director, THE GYM of Armonk

It’s a brand new year, and we all know the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight or eat healthier.  Without factoring in how many people go this route, a recent survey said that just 8% of people achieve their goals overall.

As a trainer, it’s nice to see THE GYM buzzing with people trying to take charge of their health.  Unfortunately, by the third or fourth week of January, those new faces start to disappear.  Then, by mid-February, most of them are gone.  The most common mistake people make is they set unattainable goals because that they think getting there is going to be easier than it is in reality.  Living in a society of “now”, we expect everything to happen with a literal tap of the finger, so after a couple visits with less than expected results, people start to quit.

A good tip I can give is to keep your goals small and attainable so they build up to the big picture over time.  Merely going to the gym five times a week for the first two weeks of your new regimen is a goal in itself, so just start there!  If you’re unsure of what to do, THE GYM is packed with cardio equipment, so use a different one each day for a half an hour, and keep rotating.  After your first two steady weeks, you should start to feel pretty good – but don’t stop there.  Set another goal from that point, and create a new regimen for yourself for the following two weeks by adding resistance training.  Adding this element to your workouts will increase your metabolism and help lean-down your body mass.  A safe way to incorporate resistance training is to use many of the machines at THE GYM.  Something simple like trading off between upper body and lower body every other day is a great place to start.  After these first four total weeks, you can then combine the two techniques by doing resistance training followed by cardio for weeks five and six.  By that time, you’ll have a little over a month of consistent exercising under your belt, and you should hopefully be a little tighter.

Be sure to change things up every so often, and always remember that exercise should be challenging in order to create change.

Nick Causa
Fitness Director
THE GYM of Armonk
99 Business Park Drive
Armonk, NY 10504
Telephone: (914) 219-1601 


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