Raise your Math SAT by 100 points!

Don Ross
Don Ross

Don Ross teaches students to take a different approach to the Math SAT.

Most students have been taught to tackle the SAT in the same way they’ve always approached math — by memorizing a process.

But this won’t work!

The SAT is designed to test the ability of the student to think through the solution to a problem — not to come up with rote answers to predictable questions.

Using the right approach, kids can be introduced to a different way of thinking about the Math SAT. Students will be able to analyze and solve problems that may be presented in a different form than those they are used to. 

Don Ross has over twenty five years of experience teaching in New York's public school system and has helped hundreds of students raise their scores on the Math SAT.

Call Don at 203.822.4386 to set up appointment.

For more information, visit his website: http://www.mysatmathtutor.com


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