Dr. Sarah Russo discusses her new wellness/sexual activity app in radio interview

Dr. Sarah Russo
Dr. Sarah Russo

Sarahbellum founder Dr. Sarah Russo is guest on Radio Entrepreneurs; details release of her company’s new health app


Dr. Sarah Russo, a pharmacist and the founder of Sarahbellum LLC, a company dedicated to creating health-related apps, was a recent guest on Radio Entrepreneurs (www.radioentrepreneurs.com), where she spoke with host Jeffrey Davis about the creation of a new health app that she has just released.


Dr. Russo has also told her story about her new app on a number of radio stations across the United States; she plans to launch her app in the New York, Los Angeles, FL and Boston markets.


Dr. Russo, a Boston area resident who has been a pharmacist in the Greater Boston area for more than 11 years and who earned her PharmD from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, is the founder of Sarahbellum LLC, which has just released its first app, the S.A.C. App™.


The S.A.C. App™ (Sexual Activity Calendar) has several distinct purposes, all healthcare-related. The S.A.C. App™ allows the user to securely store and update personal health and wellness information by using it with an iPhone or Android. There are provisions within the app for users to store their healthcare insurance cards, prescription and medication information, including immunizations and allergies, so that in the event the user reaches the pharmacy and does not have the information on his/her person, the phone will be a means to provide this critical information. The app additionally features a sexual activity calendar that allows users to track sexual contact and personal details.


According to Dr. Russo, there are several reasons why this calendar might be used. One is that it is a convenient way for couples who are trying to conceive to keep a record of their activities and track the days, and this technology can help couples who find themselves in this situation,” she said.


The other use for the S.A.C.™ app is for individuals who may be in the dating market, recently divorced, or on college campuses, to keep track of sexual activities and preferences. If an individual contracts a sexually transmitted disease, or if an individual has an unplanned pregnancy, the interactive calendar can provide vital information and enable the individual to determine who needs to be contacted in such a situation.


The  S.A.C. App,™  demonstrated at a Microsoft developers meeting in Cambridge, MA sponsored by Boston Technology Corporation, is available for purchase on iTunes and googlePlay at an introductory rate of .99.


Dr. Russo discussed the benefits and needs for the app with her radio interviewer, saying that the app pairs the convenience of easily storing and updating personal medical data with the privacy and security health information demands. She mentioned that her company, Sarahbellum LLC, has further modifications in mind for this app, and other potential apps that she is considering developing.


 Interested individuals can download the app in the ITunes store and Google Play or go to www.thesacapp.com  website and use the QR codes to quickly access the S.A.C. App™. Additionally, the App can be found by accessing either of these links:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/s.a.c/id843272978?ls=1&mt=8



For additional information on Sarahbellum LLC, or the S.A.C. App,™ please visit www.thesacapp.com, or reach developer Dr. Sarah Russo by e-mail, thesacapp@gmail.com



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